Sue Fitzmaurice Quotes

Sue Fitzmaurice Quotes

You can become what you want. You have an army of angels behind you.

A lot went wrong before I ended up in a great place!

Our wounds can so easily turn us into people we don't want to be, and we hardly see it happening.

Protect your heart, love yourself, and be with people who love and care for you.

You can be inspired by others, but when you're inspired from within then you have real power for change.

You can't move forward if you're still hanging on.

When your position is one of peace, then you're truly powerful.

Even when we're standing at the scariest precipice ever, our soul still cries out for joy.

Being afraid of things going wrong, doesn't help them go right.

War doesn't cause peace. Period.

You can't fight the whole world, and you can't keep fighting everyone in your own world. It's not about giving up, it's about letting go.

Anger will always stand in the way of your dreams. Don't let anyone take your dreams.

Forgiveness is a powerful cure.

The real you, the inner you, loves and adores you; but you cut off that power when you think badly of yourself.

If we really are spiritual beings living a physical existence, then we have incredible power.

When you stop doing what insults your Soul, your Journey accelerates and your Life beings to fill with joy.

Depression is a lying bastard.

You'll have better days, I promise you.

The real you is not sad, angry, depressed, ashamed, hurt, bitter or lost. These things are not real. They feel real but they're not. As spiritual beings living a brief human existence, this is not who we are. We are beautiful, radiant, joyful and loving.

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