Susan Howatch Quotes

Susan Howatch Quotes

Science destroys only the false ideas about religion; the true ideas it complements and explores.)

Religion is about integration, about successfully bringing the selfish ego into line with the centre of the personality where God exists, as a divine spark, in every human being. Religion is about helping man to live in harmony with his true self and to become the person God’s designed him to be.

No demon can withstand the power of Christ,” said my father, repeating the words he had used long ago, and what he meant was that no dissociated mind can withstand the integrating power of the Living God whose spark lies deep in the core of the unconscious mind and who can not only heal the shattered ego but unify the entire personality.

Sin is when you turn away from God - or, in the other language, alienation occurs when the ego, that erratic, unreliable driver of the personality, temporarily turns aside from the great quest for integration with the inner self, the self that’s authentic, the self that contains the potential to be fully human, fully fulfilled and fully alive.

Sin/ alienation is psychological disease which if unhealed can lead to the living hell of lost hopes and blighted lives.

One wonders what would happen in a society where there were no rules to break. Doubtlessly everyone would quickly die of boredom.

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