Syed Arshad Quotes

Syed Arshad Quotes

A book is not just a collection of words, it is a perception portrayed on blank sheets. You know, getting you the feelings of blowing winds and rains and sun and flowers around, the smiles, the tears, the notional links with the characters and make them all alive, while you read. And that's sure as hell a gruelling task !

My heart always knew, you're the dew, my dry soul would never adieu.. but I still don't know why I let you go and waited all my life just for you.

Fiction is but truth.. tweaked or disguised.

It is your own will to understand things, that makes you sensible.Education is just a fair chance.

It's not love that you hate, it's the loved one who betrayed.

Every riddle has one perfect answer. For life it is love.

People who think love can happen twice, actually never fell in it the first time.

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