Tanzy Sayadi Quotes

Tanzy Sayadi Quotes

I crossed oceans for you,
Turned over every rock,
Climbed the highest mountains,
Holding on to the words you said,
Reliving your touch inside my head,
The taste of you on the tip of my tongue,
Only to be left with you as only a fantasy inside my head.

I fought for you, I fought for us
I fought for the memories and the laughter that came upon us,
Now here we are, we have become unknown people to each other,
Worlds apart in an instant, for what once was is now gone
So tell me what your secret is to letting go like you did.

It's true what they say,
Love is a wicked game,
A game so wickedly played,
I am at your command in your wicked games.

My lips still quiver when I think about her smile.

I could watch her dance for hours,
Because she's always dancing inside of my heart.

He danced across my heart like a pirate,
Constantly discovering my secrets,
Turning over every hidden treasure,
Drowning me in his fantasy.

Your eyes are hallow,
Your heart is bruised,
Your temple has been raided,
Your soul has been shattered,
Was he worth it?

Let me love you, he said
I want to mould that broken heart,
To feel the pain the others before I have caused,
Walk down the darkness that you walked through,
Understand how something so broken can be so beautiful,
I need to understand how you manifested.

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