Tera Lynn Childs Quotes

Tera Lynn Childs Quotes

I don't believe it,' Quince says with absolute certainty. ' I don't believe anything magical can make someone more in love.' [...] He looks me right in the eye as he says, 'Love is already the strongest magic in the world.

You'll do fine."
"What, you're psychic now?"
"Didn't you know?" he asks seriously. "Must be an aftereffect of the bond.

All right," Shannen says slowly, tucking a lock of dark brown hair behind her ear. "Why did you glue that dolphin upside down?"
Okay, so I'm a little distracted. "He's doing the back stroke.

Monsters have the worst taste in women.

Stupid male ego.

...if you project the image you wish the world to see, eventually it will become reality.

Pain is weakness leaving the body

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