Terry A O'Neal Quotes

Terry A O'Neal Quotes

Carry out your literary dream, no matter how unlikely it may seem...

life weighs heavy upon my shoulders and patience starts wearing thin, it is divine hope and dreams which sustain me, pushing me forth against the wind.

It’s easy to get caught up in where the world is going and lose sight of the direction we were headed.

Wednesday had come and gone in a single breath. As I dreamt of divine love, Picasso, and a vast field of gold, a new dawn had already begun.

we inhale life and exhale words. that's just what writers' do-

My spirit has been around far longer than my soul-I've lived several lifetimes already. And one this novel has been written, I will have lived several more.

Yes, it is true that beauty is only skin deep, and internal loveliness resonates to the outside; but deep down inside every woman secretly longs to possess the allure of a royal queen.

An individual's perception is their reality colored in the shades they desire-not necessarily the color that it is.

All I ever really wanted to do was arouse souls through my writing and enjoy my journey to becoming one with myself and with the world.

Trying to pump breath into a fairy tale is as arduous and tragic as ancient Greek theatre.

Everyone will not favor you or
respect your beliefs, passion and purpose-so be it. But do not allow the views of others to hinder your quest. Remain steadfast.

To my fellow writers' I say, 'Write. Build an imaginary world like nobody's watching.

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