Terry Brooks Quotes

Terry Brooks Quotes

What they didn't want to believe, what they tried repeatedly to dismiss, was that whatever good and evil existed in the world came from within themselves and not from some abstract source.

We live out our lives as we are meant to live them-with some choice, with some chance, but mostly as a result of the persons we are.

Faith, Princess," the Prism Cat repeated. "It is a highly underrated weapon against the dark things in this world.

What we have in life that we can count on is who we are and where we come from, she thought absently. For better or worse, that is what we have to sustain us in our endevors, to buttress us in our darker moments, and to remind us of our identity. Without those things, we are adrift.

Who would you be but who you are?

Eppure, si nascondeva nella sua mente confusa la convinzione di poter superare tutti quegli ostacoli apparentemente insormontabili.

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