Thérèse De Lisieux Quotes

Thérèse De Lisieux Quotes

Holiness consists simply in doing God's will, and being just what God wants us to be.

Qu'importe, mon Dieu, que je brûle toute l'éternité en enfer, si c'est ta volonté.

I am convinced that one should tell one's spiritual director if one has a great desire for Communion, for Our Lord does not come from Heaven every day to stay in a golden ciborium; He comes to find another heaven, the heaven of our soul in which He loves to dwell.

It's true, I suffer a great deal-but do I suffer well? That is the question.

La joie réside au plus intime de l'âme; on peut aussi bien la posséder dans une obscure prison que dans un palais.

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