Thiruvalluvar Quotes

Thiruvalluvar Quotes

The wound made by hurting with fire will heal but the wound created by harsh words uttered using out tongue leaves an indelible scar.

Uttering foul words, while there are the sweetest of words, is like going for the unripe fruits while there are a lot of ripe ones.

Just as the earth that bears the man who tills and digs it, to bear those who speak ill of them, is a quality of the highest respect.

Those who have wisdom have all:
Fools with all have nothing.

In sandy soil, when deep you delve, you reach the springs below; The more you learn, the freer streams of wisdom flow.

From whomsoever one hears anything, it is wisdom to understand the true import of it.

I never saw Death before, and now I see
That it is warring eyes in a woman's form.

He who on earth has lived in the conjugal state as he should live, will be placed among the Gods who dwell in heaven

Even more than the time when she gave birth, a mother feels her greatest joy when she hears others refer to her son as a wise learned one.

When the rare chance comes, seize it
To do the rare deed.

A timely benefit, -though thing of little worth,
The gift itself, -in excellence transcends the earth

It is politics to please and hoodwink those
Who flatter but despise us.

If people scrutinize their own faults as they do the faults of others,Mankind will be freed of all evil.

Foolish people inflict pain upon them self which is worse than what an enemy can bring upon.

If the married life possess love and virtue, these will be both its duty and reward

She who has the excellence of home virtues, and can expend within the means of her husband, is a help in the domestic state

Forsake not the friendship of those who have been your staff in adversity, Forget not be benevolence of the blameless.

Consider a man’s good qualities, and consider his faults; and judge his character by that which is more.

Just as the hand rushes involuntarily to protect one's honor in case of accidental state of undress, so does a friend come to his friend's aid without being asked

Those are fools however learned
Who have not learned to walk with the world.

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