Tony Samara Quotes

Tony Samara Quotes

Live simply. Deepest joy is like a flower....beautiful in essence.

Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity

The natural consequence of being connected to the depth, what I call the soul, or your essence, is the attribute of joy.

Where ego comes in, loving kindness departs. So wherever there is ego, there is very little space for true bliss and true happiness because true bliss and true happiness isn't exclusive to the attachments the ego enjoys playing with, but rather a free state of mind that is part of loving kindness and its activities inside and outside of oneself.

Everything is temporary but the power of Love is Infinite because it is the space, it is Everything.

The way to Bliss is through Understanding, through Wisdom.

Trust what is not known to your Mind.
Trust what is known to your Heart.

The Beloved is Always There, Actively Seeking You.

When we understand that Peace is a state of mind we understand true Peace.

Wisdom is a true activity of compassion. And so, meditation is the act of loving kindness. It is the activity where loving kindness is applied on all levels.

Remember meditation is an active, deep remembrance, and that is discernment. Wherever you go, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, remember to utilize discernment so that you can hear and sense and feel the vibration of love rather than the vibration of illusion.

Spiritual practice is allowing the temple (your body) to be full of light and to live life as a total celebration.

The Divine has created this moment in time. It is a very powerful moment, where there is only one way and that way is that you completely let go. Completely let go of what is known, what is safe, and move into the space of beauty.

Satisfaction doesn't come from needs and desires or fulfilling them, it comes from being yourself, being true.

The activity of loving kindness is the bridge that allows you to slowly, slowly realise the wisdom and perfection of this moment.

The practice is simple. Whatever you're doing, do that with total awareness.

As you embrace Consciousness, you embrace Perfection.

When you deeply love someone from that space that is beyond attachment to certain projections or desires, when you love someone just deeply, totally, completely, without any games that the mind or emotions play, then that love remains eternal in the heavens forever, and that is what pulls you back to remembering that love.

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