Tucker Elliot Quotes

Tucker Elliot Quotes

Some people have a heart to do evil and they don’t care if you’re Muslim or Christian.

The task of teaching has never been more complex and the expectations that burden teachers are carried out in antiquated systems that offer little support - and yet, teachers are finding success every day.

For the first time in a decade I felt a voice rising from deep inside my soul. It cried out ‘what will you be today?’ and I heard ‘relentless’ booming from the rafters inside an old gym as Sami and a group of young men chased dreams and trophies while their fathers went to war.

Cope? Adapt? Uh, no. These are military kids. They roll with it. I once asked a new student, 'See any familiar faces?' She pointed out various kids and replied, 'Seattle, Tampa, Okinawa, New Jersey.' For military dependents school is literally a non-stop revolving door of old and new friends.

America isn’t perfect but there’s not a better place in the world for people of any faith.

The only thing worse than losing hope is to be the reason someone else loses hope.

I’d see the arrow. I’d think about attitude and perception. Maybe the green arrow on the ceiling is to Muslims as the KJV in the Motel 6 nightstand is to Christians.

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