VicDo Quotes

VicDo Quotes

Less you know, more you work.

Great knowledge, makes a great pain, in the world of pain.

The absence of wish, to analysis yourself,
the surrounding world,
and what you are doing.
Is the logical, and philosophical proof, of zombie mind, and consciousness.

Whatever how much you know,
if you don’t know, who you are,
in what world you are living, or simply where you are,
and from where you came from.
Because if you do know, that's completely different story.

If your brain is working, you always have no time.

The Universe, is a woman - and she lives forever.

Just imagine. The world is in your heart.


Created visions of experiencing unreality.

We’ve been put into war, between body and soul.

The history doesn't repeat itself, it’s just their methods repeats. 27.06.11

Why people die?
Because they have been sucked, to the death.


Did you look for the truth?
You can't find it, don't you.
You can't find the truth, because we even creating it.

It wouldn't be mind control, if you will know you've been under mind control.

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