Victor L Guerrero Quotes

Victor L Guerrero Quotes

People will inevitably take it upon themselves to change the entire dynamic of your life.

Would you invest your money in a company that ALWAYS showed a loss? Then why invest your heart in someone that has no intention of buying it? Renting my heart is not an option.

Cursed is the man who ceaselessly loves without fear - He will inevitably fall in love with the devil.

The most precious thing that we as humanity hold, is the innocence in that of a child's smile, and we have a moral obligation to preserve it.

I am not strong enough to face you now that you have left - so therefore I will text and Facebook and Instagram and Pintrest you to death!!!

Whoever wrote

"I'd rather have loved and lost than never have loved at all"

Should be shot in the face.
Funny thing is,
I'd rather take their place

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