Wendy Blight Quotes

Wendy Blight Quotes

God alone knows exactly what you and I must endure in order to form His character in us. It is in our trials that God refines us and removes our impurities. Like refined gold, when we pass through our trials, people will see His perfect reflection in us.

I had to take a step of faith and look beyond my circumstances. I had to make a conscious choice to trust Him.

Faith looks to God, hopes in God, and believes in His promises, regardless of our actual circumstances.

Do not get discouraged if you feel He is not answering your questions or speaking to your situation. He will. Trust Him in the wait. He is at work.

I learned that within the confines of God’s story, nothing had been stolen from me, but rather everything was given to me. My life, which felt so out of control, was in reality in complete control – God’s control.

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