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Type: Health expert and human rights activist

Born: 1969


Akreyi holds a master's degree in genetics and a PhD in international health and epidemiology. Violations of human rights that occurred during the Iraqi government offensive against the Kurds in 1974, as well as during the Al-Anfal Campaign are thought to have shaped her life. It is said that by focusing on the end goals and holding on to her principles she could overcome the hardships she had endured.

She has been listed as one of the winners of the Fellowship of Reconciliation peace awards, where she was called "outspoken peace activist" and the "first young woman of Middle Eastern descent" to engage in advocacy relating to illicit trade of small arms and light weapons, gender-based violence, chemical and biological disarmament, conventional disarmament and international security.

In 2013, Akreyi was awarded the "Special Prize for bridging the gap between civilisations" by the National Organisation for Future Generations for making valuable contributions to humanity through the creation of a culture of coexistence. When she received the International Pfeffer Peace Award in 2014, she dedicated it to the residents of Kobane and Sinjar and the persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

Widad Akrawi Quotes

Death and injury caused by armed violence is one of the most shameful epidemics of our age.

Armed violence and peace cannot coexist. We need to overcome the challenges we face and seek practical solutions. We must replace the culture of war with the culture of peace.

The quality of life in our world does not depend on the conflicts that arise, but on our response to them.

Each day is an opportunity to build the defenses of peace in the minds of people.

Beheading, burying and burning humans alive are extreme acts of cruelty. Such crimes against humanity must be investigated and the guilty parties brought to justice. May ALL victims rest in peace!

I will follow anyone...
And remind everyone...
Of enslaved Yazidi women...
And forced...
To donate blood to ISIS men...

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