Woo Myung Quotes

Woo Myung Quotes

Regardless of what comes and goes on the stage, the stage is always just there. The people of the world are all actors, but if they own the stage, they become the masters. As masters, they will always be able to act on the stage.

The Bible tells us, "blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven", which means heaven that is the true world will become one's own when he discards his false mind completely.

Man's mind is made up of illusionary pictures. Consequently, when he throws away these pictures Truth will enter into his mind, and he will know Truth to the extent of what he has discarded. This is enlightenment.

Truth is the world and falseness is man who lives within his mind world which has copied the world of Truth. Therefore, man must cleanse and discard his mind. He must become “poor in spirit” in order to go to the real world that is heaven.

In the past people only added to their minds. Now people can become complete and live in heaven if they subtract what is in their minds.

The true Mind is one that exists before and beyond one's delusional, self-centered, attachment-filled mind.

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