Xue Yun Quotes

Xue Yun Quotes

Your heartbeat is a lullaby that puts my loneliness to sleep.

I've always known that even if the world threatens to collapse, with one hand, you'd hold up the sky, and the other, around me.

Once we’ve savored the goodness of a hundred years until the final drop, only the fleeting memories of intoxication is left behind. Between you and me is it too much to ask for a bottle to begin with?

The bravest souls I know are those who are willing to risk having the entire world turns its back on them, and all they’ve ever wanted to do – and they would lay down their lives to do it,
because there is no other way to defeat truth– is simply, to tell the world
with their whole heart their story.

Spirits arrive at this world in naked bodies, their purpose - to grow wings.

To hold a rose
in your hand,
you must first
offer your blood.

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