Yilda B. Rivera Quotes

Yilda B. Rivera Quotes

If fear appears at your door you have two options, either you choose to let it in or you choose to grab onto the Lord and the promise of His presence no matter what.

I discovered something attractive about uncertainty. It was the knowledge that God was in control and that I was depending on him every moment.

I understand that for the people who really care about you the fact that you are facing cancer is very hard to swallow. They will need time managing and dealing with their emotions just as you do.

God listens and He responds. Sometimes His reply could be “I’m with you. Do not be afraid.” Sadly, many times we withdrew long before receiving the blessing He has for us, what He wants to show us; or we get disappointed because we don’t recognize His answer for not being what we expected.

It is up to you. How far you want to go and how far you want to grow. Do not let that your worries, the unanswered questions or the abundant and free offer of distractions draw you away from the One who wants to illuminate your way . . .

As we trust the Lord, we start “emptying” ourselves with things that tie us or entangle us in order to be filled by God’s grace and the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way.

In the same way that our actions can be worth more than a thousand words, the words ‘I’m sorry . . .’ carry enormous weight and value, and can start a process of self-healing and overall healing in any relationship.

Even in the midst of difficult times when everything seems to be out of control, you can still control one thing. You can commit yourself to pray every day and to trust God no matter the circumstances, so He could guide you and fill you with His peace that surpasses all understanding.

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