Aaron D'Este Quotes

Aaron D'Este Quotes

Rotten, dirty, back-slapping, wine-quaffing, haemorrhoid-hosting, goat-shagging, fart-sniffing, Crispin-loving, gold-snatching bastards!!!

The sun was late, stuck in heavy mist. When it finally broke free there was no one to see, no one to applaud its sterling effort, because everyone in Freemantle was heading west. The burnt orange blaze of dawn made it look like they were fleeing a fire, but all knew that the real conflagration lay ahead.

I see,” acknowledged Axel. “But it’s not really your hunting trophy anyway, is it? I mean one that you collected yourself... Unless it died of old age, that is, right at your feet.

It'll end in tears and they won't be mine.

A real Deadly Dolly,” sniggered Mick. And then, “Ouch!” when she whacked him.

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