Young Adult Quotes

Tom Upton

...Life is much simpler if you don’t notice anything....

Suzanne Young

It's taken me all this time, all this loss, to realize what really matters is now.

Aniekee Tochukwu

Hang out with successful people and you'll acquire success characters

Aniekee Tochukwu

Unimaginative thinking has never produced a genuis

Lailah Gifty Akita

Hope is an expectation of everyday miracle.

Jennifer Elisabeth

How you spend your time when you are not working or studying says everything about who
How you spend your time when you are not working or studying says everything about who you are and what is motivating your life.

Jennifer Elisabeth

I never want a girl to lose all hope that her life can’t completely turn around,
I never want a girl to lose all hope that her life can’t completely turn around, even if she feels that she is at the edge, standing on one foot, and ready to say goodbye.

Simona Panova

And what if you try to kill me? Or worse: to kiss me?. Simona Panova
And what if you try to kill me? Or worse: to kiss me?

Michael Joseph Murano

Rise like the hero you were born to be, or die the slave you think you are.

Kyra Dune

I don’t want to kill you, but I must. For the good of the country.

Evan Meekins

War was easy. The hard part was cleaning up afterward.

Evan Meekins

Before I fix the world, I have to fix myself.

Becca Fitzpatrick

I saw you, and I wanted to be close to you. I wanted you to let me in. I wanted to know you in a way no one else did. I wanted you, all of you.

Frederic M. Perrin

Spread your wings. Fly as far to know who you are.

Stacey T. Hunt

Never give up. Dare to Dream. Dare to believe.. Stacey T. Hunt
Never give up. Dare to Dream. Dare to believe.

Simona Panova

Even I don’t know myself... In fact, I don’t know if I really have a self at all, as I’m constantly playing different roles and pretending – not so much on stage as in real life...

David Housholder

And once you've been to this Center, this Truth, you'll know your way everywhere. You are never lost again.

Kristine Cuevas

I loved the feeling of finally falling in love to someone who would love me back..
I loved the feeling of finally falling in love to someone who would love me back.

Simone Elkeles

But wishes are only granted in fairy tales.

John Green

The marks we leave are too often scars.. John Green
The marks we leave are too often scars.

S.G. Holster

It’s a very private moment when your heart breaks. I was thankful we were alone. I knew I couldn’t keep her, but I would always do anything to protect her.

Elizabeth Scott

You know who you are you just have to believe it.

Steven J. Carroll

If you always try to measure yourself with
money... well, it's like counting backwards, the more you
keep on, the less you'll have to show for it.

Jess C. Scott

Those sweet lips. My, oh my, I could kiss those lips all night long. Good things
Those sweet lips. My, oh my, I could kiss those lips all night long.

Good things come to those who wait.

Jess C. Scott

A fit, healthy body - that is the best fashion statement. Jess C. Scott
A fit, healthy body - that is the best fashion statement

Jamie McGuire

Time will make it worse! You're...the other half of his soul. He's never going to get over you. And no matter how much you hope that you will... you'll never get over him. You're going to wake up one day and realize what you've done, and you're going to regret the time you wasted apart from him for the rest of your life.

Tahereh Mafi

Hate looks like everybody else until it smiles

Abbi Glines

I had fallen too far. I was in love with Rush Finlay.

Jess C. Scott

The human body is the best work of art.. Jess C. Scott
The human body is the best work of art.

Rainbow Rowell

Don't bite his face, Eleanor told herself. It's disturbing and needy and never happens in situation comedies or movies that end with big kisses.

Tom Upton

Other than the voices in my head, I think I’m pretty normal.

Jess Rothenberg

For the record, I would like to point out that it is NOT being obsessive to memorize a boy's schedule so that you can accidentally bump into him. It is called being efficient.

Jess C. Scott

Please, touch me, I pray.

Elizabeth Scott

There are a million rules for being a girl. There are a million things you have to do to get through each day. High school has things that can trip you up, ruin you, people say one thing and mean another, and you have to know all the rules, you have to know what you can and can't do.

Tom Upton

If you just go with the flow, no matter what weird things happen along the way, you always end up exactly where you belong.

Jess C. Scott

Anya looked upon Nin admirably. Having him as a partner-in-crime - if only on this one occasion, which she hoped would only be the start of something more - was more revitalizing than the cheap thrills of a cookie-cutter shallow, superficial romance, where the top priority was how beautiful a person was on the outside.

Steven J. Carroll

You can always tell the heart of man by what he do, and by what he don't do...

Daniel Amory

One of the professors told me last week that he feels bad teaching with the way the economy is now. ‘What’s the point?’ he said. ‘Kids aren’t getting jobs.’ You never hear faculty talk that way. He did.

C.G. Rousing

When the mind is free, magic happens.

Jefferson Smith

Wisdom cannot be stolen - it can only be shared.

Jefferson Smith

It is a fool of a shepherd who culls his dogs.

Laini Taylor

Happiness. It was the place where passion, with all its dazzle and drumbeat, met something softer: homecoming and safety and pure sunbeam comfort. It was all those things, intertwined with the heat and the thrill, and it was as bright within her as a swallowed star.

P.C. Cast

Because you are the superhero fledgling. I’m just your more attractive sidekick. Oh, and the herd of nerds are your dorky minions.

Julie Kagawa

Mercy is for the weak… let me show you how much of an Unseelie I still am.

Susane Colasanti

We’re never gonna understand women. They’re way too complex. You’ve got too many variables to consider. PMS, bad hair days, miscellaneous mood swings . . . there’s no way to tell what’s causing their attitude.
- Mike

Hailey Abbott

If you love someone, why would you want that person to change?

Hailey Abbott

Never let a boy know you’re crazy about him. He’ll lose interest, and then you’ll be a loser.

Abbi Glines

Please. Forgive me. One more chance, Blaire. I want this. I want you.

Huntley Fitzpatrick

I guess I like things that take time and attention. More worthwhile that way.

Abbi Glines

You naked in my bed is even more unbelievably beautiful than I thought it would be... and trust me I've thought about it. A lot.

Priya Ardis

He’d used the amulet to read my thoughts again.
I pictured smacking him in the face.

Huntley Fitzpatrick

Right. Because if you have trouble putting ketchup and mustard on a hot dog, you should totally move on to saving lives.

Huntley Fitzpatrick

When I turn back to Jase, he’s again beaming at me. “You’re nice.” He sounds pleased, as if he hadn’t expected this aspect of my personality.

Huntley Fitzpatrick

Jase props himself up on an elbow, looking at me for a minute without saying anything. His face gets an unreadable expression, and I wish I could take back walking over.
Then he observes, “I’m guessing that’s a uniform.”
Crap. I’d forgotten I was still wearing it.

Susane Colasanti

Not even a repeat of Dawson’s Creek makes me feel better.

Nely Cab

Give me agony or give me death,
I'll take thy heart as eternal breath

Jennifer Donnelly

And then I remember this morning and I wonder if it really happened or if I dreamed it. It was nice. And weird. And tender. I'm not used to tender. It's a fossil, that word. Conditions changed and it died out. Like the woolly mammoth. It just couldn't live in the same world as dick box. Ho dog. Or wiener cousins.

C.J. Redwine

There are much more important qualities to have than a docile disposition.

Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Damn. I never should have agreed to this. What is he thinking? Here we are in a piece of crap pickup truck on our way to sit outside of a supermarket to kidnap this girl. Damn. He’d better not be falling for her. Sure she’s cute, but I can’t think about that.

Veronica Rossi

Without thinking, he reached for her hand. Tucked it against her chest, feeling that was where it should be. Perry's heart slammed against his ribs. She had to feel it.

Suzanne Young

You matter.

Ann Marie Frohoff

Creativity is the catalyst to the future.

Cynthia Leitich Smith

I may be heaven-sent, but I'm not perfect.

Priya Ardis

Matt was almost completely naked. A tattered loincloth and an ugly chain with a yellow diamond were his only apparel.

Lani Wendt Young

You will be the one chosen to reach out to embrace man once again as the heart. So that all will be as it should. ‘Fatu-ma-le-ele-ele’ You will give your fire so that Man may live. And he will give his heart so that earth may live.
Thus it has been spoken.

Taylor Longford

After Reason had left the dining room, Valor’s mouth softened into smile. “Let us know if you have any symptoms.”

“Symptoms?” I asked, and jerked my gaze to his eyes. “What kind of symptoms?”

“Tell us if your fingernails turn to stone,” Victor chuckled.

Kea Alwang

So is this being in love? I stay with the moment, waiting to find out, the space between us fluctuating with uncertainty. The only thing I am sure of is that each time his lips leave mine they are right back again.

Cameo Renae

Hell had frozen over and I was lost in its endless labyrinth.

Sarah Alderson

So we have twenty-four hours to keep out of trouble,’ he says to me.
I slide a glance in his direction. Judging from the way he’s now grimacing at the sidewalk and the fact that I met him in a police station where he was being booked for stealing a car, I’m guessing that staying out of trouble is not his forte.

Heather Jensen

I wanted to apologize but what could I say? I’m sorry but I’m afraid my fangs might freak you out. Oh and by the way my eyes sort of glow in the dark when I get excited. I hope you’re cool with that.

Rachel E. Carter

I’m not that pitiful little girl you bullied last year.

Lucy Swing

I didn't pretend to comprehend what he meant. I simply closed my eyes and let his arms wrap around me. The warmth that came from his body made me feel at home, as if, somehow, this is where I belonged. He smelled of woods after a thunderstorm, clean and elemental.

Daniel Amory

I don’t think I’ve ever referred to any girl I dated as my girlfriend. I think that would freak me out. Even the girl that I dated for two years in college I don’t think I ever referred to her as my girlfriend.”
“How would you introduce her?” I asked.
“I’m just going to say her name,” he said.

Chelsie Shakespeare

The longer I lived, the longer it would be until I saw him alive again, until I could taste his new lips and run my fingers through his new hair. We could be young and beautiful again . . .

Rachel E. Carter

People make mistakes all the time –some of us just are in more of a position to leave an impact when we do.

Rachel E. Carter

That somehow, this insufferable girl would become the one person I am forever, hopelessly, madly drawn to against my will and possibly even my better judgment.

Rachel E. Carter

You can be a great man and still be a fool. Many of our country’s leaders can attest to that. Were they still living.

Rachel E. Carter

Three. I had just made my first, second, and third kill. Before I had even obtained my mage’s robes. I bent over and vomited into the grass. There was no pride, no justice, just the appalling sense that I had lost my innocence. That I was a monster.

Rachel E. Carter

He was a prince. There was no hope in saying yes to the boy with the garnet eyes who left me reckless and confused at every turn. There was no future with him. None. Darren had duty. To the Crown. Gods only knew Priscilla and Blayne had spent enough time reminding me of that.

Rachel E. Carter

Someday, Ry, you are going to realize who Darren really is. He’s a prince, and he’s only going to break your heart.

Rachel E. Carter

We couldn’t be friends. We couldn’t be enemies.
So what were we?

Rachel E. Carter

Anything for Byron’s least favorite apprentice. It’s the least I can do since you took over my torch.

Rachel E. Carter

Love Darren? Of course not. Love is for fools not smart enough to see the path in front of them. That’s the difference between you and I, Ryiah. I see the truth and accept Darren for what he is. You just see what you want to see. It’s why I will wear the crown and bear his children while you are left wondering why you were never good enough.

Rachel E. Carter

I’m not like you. I’ve never cared about keeping relationships or sparing people’s feelings. All I’ve ever cared about is power: how to get it, and how to keep it. I told you as much when we met.

Sharon Sant

Being amongst rough lives and confusion does not make you less, it only makes your beauty shine out more clearly.

Priya Ardis

Rough palms cradled my face while my fingers gripped the pillow on either side of his. Lips, teeth, tongue, mingled together. I ate him up and didn’t let go until I had to come up for air.

Gwenn Wright

Katherine stared intently at the cold, hard steel. She knew it would be loaded and that, if need be, there was extra ammunition in the back of the drawer. She would not be one of those girls, the ones who sit idly by and wait for the answers to come to them.

Rachel E. Carter

So how did you do it? What makes the cold-hearted princeling mortal like the rest of us?

Jodi Picoult

Isn’t that what true romance is supposed to be about? Finding the person who’s your soul mate. Someone you dream about at night.Someone whose name is on your lips when you wake up in the morning.

Pixie Lynn Whitfield

The house was the color of baby vomit.

Taylor Longford

MacKenzie grinned at Mim. "They love the modern appliances."

"Especially the electric floor sweeper," Valor chuckled.

"Defiance really has a thing for the vacuum cleaner," MacKenzie agreed in a secretive whisper.

"If he ever has kids, he'll probably name the first one Hoover," Havoc snickered.

Terri Clark

I didn't want to go to hell, but even the idea of reclaining my halo scared me because it would mean leaving Aly.

Lani Wendt Young

Excuse me? You're the one who was out to mislead me with your alluring bimbo slinkiness! What if I had believed your act last night? What if I had fallen deeply and madly in love with you? You would have had the blood of my love-sickness on your hands, Leila Folger.

Cameo Renae

This is what people were looking at all day? How embarrassing! I looked like Quasimodo! My guests were exceptional actors.

Ashley Earley

And darkness will rule.

Ashley Earley

I am ready for battle. I am ready to fight.

Elizabeth Englewood

Now if only I could spread the love between you two like I can spread this butter.

Micalea Smeltzer

How have we lived in the same place for all these years and only just met?

Because we weren't meant to meet then. This is our now.

Susan Ee

He is the one pocket of warmth in a sea of ice.

C. Kennedy

One can learn from what is not said.

Chelsie Shakespeare

He would reach for me in the middle of the night, nearly every single night, wrapping one of those solid arms around my waist and pulling me in close. So. Close.

Chelsie Shakespeare

He made me feel unhinged . . . like he could take me apart and put me back together again and again.

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