Abha Maryada Banerjee Quotes

Abha Maryada Banerjee Quotes

The lift is about SPEED and COMFORT, but the stairs are about CERTAINTY! The lift may go wrong but stairs seldom do, you can always take the stairs. They are BOUND to take you UP and to the END as long as you continue to climb!

It works...conditioning your mind to see something positive in anything! Anything that happens to you, anything said to you, anything said about you.I have the choice to INTERPRET it in a way that is positive.Surefire way to imbibe Pollyana attitude !

Knowledge is talkative, refuses to shut up..
Wisdom is so subtle, refuses to be invisible..

If you have the power to make others happy..
By all means do it..Because the World needs lots of it..

Most people are not happy and do not expect to be in real life...
Given a choice between joy and despair, people so often despair..

The moment we successfully learn to 'swiftly acknowledge, accept, correct and learn' from our mistakes, is the moment when to we will truly begin to SUCCEED!

Success is not a probability visiting us once in a while..Success is a HABIT which can be acquired, cultivated, polished, practised and achieved on a daily basis !

Success has NO Rules except ONE..
It follows NO rules and most RULES are made on the way!

Fear' defeats more people than any other one thing in the World, walk into this World with the 'spirit of adventure'....the word adventure will lead you through...focusing on the newness instead of focusing on fear of the new!

One should clearly know that " Every thought that one thinks and every action based on that thought, is taking us either closer to our principal purpose or away from it" Watch out then ....as thoughts become realities!

Done and over with ... weeding is a must, it's necessary!

‪#‎DREAM‬ ‪#‎BIG‬
Dreaming is Legal..
Dreaming Big is not illegal either.. :-)

When people are kind, rational, generous and loving..
Be grateful, appreciate it and make the most of it at that time..
Because it is not necessarily the normal/real way of things at all..
Reason, generosity, kindness & love are rare resources in this world..

Time is our biggest asset..
We can count the minutes or make the minutes count..

We have two lives...
The second begins when we know we only have one..

Some days you feel like doing absolutely 'nothing'..
Take 'massive action' :-)

In the Human Form..Man has been granted the faculty of 'discretion' and the power of 'discerning'..grows only through 'depths' of understanding Self!!

My 'Inner World' can only tap the GOODNESS in the World outside !
From within I see 'beauty', from within I see 'ugliness', from within I see 'divinity', from within I 'enjoy',from within I feel 'sadness' !
It all starts from ME, goes all around and comes back to ME!!

I am DROPOUT! I dropped out of the WORLD, to drop into ME and that is the World I enjoy ! Happiness

My waking hours have to be CONSTRUCTIVE !

OPTIMISM is to man , what the Sun is to vegetation !

Such is LIFE..Man comes crying and goes back firefighting..!

NEVER make ISSUES out of things especially wth children...the moment they become ISSUES..they are most likely to stay in their heads as issues of their lives ! That is where most adult ISSUES come from.....

I am afraid, I cannot and will not 'surrender' to Orthodoxy!!
My life in itself is an 'Epic experiment' of nature and new living!!
And I am living the 'Great Adventure'..this moment..NOW!!

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