Abigail Roux Quotes

Abigail Roux Quotes

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t there before,” Nick grumbled.
Kelly laughed harder. “I’m pretty sure it was.”
“Shut up.”
“You’re high.”
“Oh, look at the pothead calling the kettle names,” Nick said in a singsong voice as he settled onto the wide chaise beside Kelly.

What's proper workplace etiquette for picking up computer and tossing out window? Open window first or break glass?

Zane raised his brow. “Didn’t I say that yesterday?” he asked, forcing
himself to be patient. Somehow.
“You say that like you think I listen to you,” Ty responded instantly, a
smile pulling at his lips.

I knew you’d be late,” Zane commented as Ty walked past him.
“And I knew you’d still have that stick up your ass,” Ty responded
with a shake of his head, not slowing as Zane spoke to him.

Never a dull moment,” he muttered. They’d been flash and
bang from the first moment they’d met.
“Yeah, well, if you weren’t such a dick…,” Ty murmured with a
small smile.
Zane snickered. “Works out well since you’re an asshole.”
“We’re gonna have to talk about these puns.” Ty groaned.

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