Aditya Ajmera Quotes

Aditya Ajmera Quotes

We are sailing in different boats and possibly we may possess a superior boat; but we must remember that we share the same river called life and death.

Investigation in our own life is far more rewarding than investigating life of other's.

Whenever success and fame override our senses with greed, arrogance and delusion; it is a time to pause and reflect.

If we don't define the terms of our success then we are stuck with the socially programmed default settings of success, which is just money.

Don't push, don't resist. Let it happen. Nature will align everything.

Even the brightest sun can be obscured by clouds, this is the power of nature.

Liberation is the shift from 'What if?" to 'So what!

It's never crowded when you walk on your own path.

Mind is absolutely competent to harvest anything, it is up to us what we wish to produce!! Illusion, Ignorance or Awareness.

When we realize that we are not the mind, we do not exist as a labled person. We also experience “all circus around us” does not exist either.

Stay faithful to consciousness, rest everything is illusion including your mind. Simply be aware without adulterations from intellegience.

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