Circus Quotes

Cole Alpaugh

It was a year ago today your daughter went missing.’ Bagg had closed his eyes, feeling the death going on inside.

Jackie Trippier Holt

Maybe they were born of karma, their own or their parents', Zack thought; maybe the universe had a purpose for them, and they were what they were because the world needed them to be that way.

Jackie Trippier Holt

The second officer had turned fully to look down at Vincent's saws. “Those are for dissecting dwarves and children,” The Saw Man said, gravely.

Norman Rockwell

I unconsciously decided that, even if it wasn't an ideal world, it should be so and painted only the ideal aspects of it - pictures in which there are no drunken slatterns or self-centered mothers . . . only foxy grandpas who played baseball with kids and boys who fished from logs and got up circuses in the back yard.

Frederik L. Schodt

Japanese had never seen a Western-style circus, and most of them had probably never seen foreigners, either.

Erin Morgenstern

Something about the circus stirs their souls, and they ache for it when it is absent.

Trebor Healey

How many of these children would one day be queer? How many would be felled by the acronym? How many by something else? How many would forget the circus? How many would never see it at all? How many would join?

Aditya Ajmera

When we realize that we are not the mind, we do not exist as a labled person. We also experience “all circus around us” does not exist either.

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