Alexander Zalan Quotes

Alexander Zalan Quotes

Occasionally, I don't invent something and I don't lie, sometimes there're moments when I just don't know the truth.

Being unique - be yourself, only so you'll distinguish yourself out of the ''grey'' and motionless reality. Train positive perception of the surrounding things.

Provide me with an ink, paper, inspiration and place me on the high point on the edge with the sunset and sunrise, and I will make a masterpiece for you.

Personally I know only one person who wrote about utopia. Afterwards he was executed. I suppose it's not my genre.

The best people are those who made themselves exclusively with their efforts and reached the top without any connections around.

I am such a person who rots without the mental activity.

Frankly speaking, I'm not afraid of death. I don't endeavour to avert its advent. But I don't want to be a witness of it.

The fear is the abyss between failure and success.

In our century of progress and industrialization we still cannot avoid and prevent wars. I'd propose to have a separate planet where we'd insert fighting coutries to solve their business.

Nowadays people have forgotten about morality and virtue, but they know how to resolve arguments. Look, what’s happening. We lead wars with measurements, dafters and calculations. We do not speak to inspire, we endeavour to create massacre and engulf as many people as we can. Where did we miss?

We all forgot how it is being a human, but human is not a noun, it's a verb.

Imagine yourself in a parallel universe. Imagined? Now either attain or forget it.

Look at the humanity - we're wild animals, even without basic template of consciousness. Shame on us..

Nowadays it's more beneficial to act like a mutt, than understand reality.

Do you know why responsible people do hide price of extremely expensive things? People don't want to show labels. Why so? Imagine a person's face who'd know that he or she owes you now? Be judicious.

Everything what you do has sense. If you don't like the world around you can draw your own, compose a beat, a line, imagine something, train yourself. Don't be indolent, act!

Perhaps somebody has alredy written it. But I want to write a story from the end till the very beginning.

I'm enormously afraid of one inevitable and trivial thing - that one day I'll simply cease to exist.

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