Alexandra Bracken Quotes

Alexandra Bracken Quotes

Let's carpe the hell out of this diem.

It's always easier to take something than work for it...

Now isn´t the time to change yourself to fit into the world... you should be changing the world to accept you. To let you exist as you are, without being cut open and damaged.

Never, never, never. I am never going to forget you.

- I don't want to lose you
- Then why are you the one that keeps letting go?

...crackers..." a voice breathed out nehind us, "yesss..."
Both of us turned, watching as Chubs twisted around in his seat and settled back down, still fast asleep.
I pressed a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. Liam rolled his eyes, smiling.
"He dreams about food," he said. "A lot.

I hugged him without any kind of fear or self-consciousness, fiercely, with a rush of emotion that almost brought tears to my eyes.
"I could kiss you!" Chubs cried.
"Please don't!" I gasp out, feeling his arms tighten around my ribs to the point of cracking them.

When it came to adults, it was better not to talk. They had a way of hearing one thing and processing it as something else. No reason to give them an excuse to hurt you.

He could silence me, but Rob had no power over my mind

My mom said once that education was a privilege not afforded to everyone, but she was wrong-it wasn't a privilege. It was our right. We had the right to a future.

Why are you so weird?"
"Because my weird has to be able to cancel out your weird, Lady Cross-stitch."
"At least what I do is considered an art form."
"Yes, in ye olde medieal Europse you would've been quite the catch-

That's right, you get him, Mary. Don't let him change the subject!

I was coming to see the heavier your heart got, the strongest you had to be to keep carrying it around.

That was the dangerous thing about dreams-how quicly you became tangled in it all. People naturally let their guard down when they slept.

Those rabbits stopped fighting the system, because it was easier to take the loss of freedom, to forget what it was like before the fence kept them in, than to be out there in the world struggling to find shelter and food. They had decided that the loss of some was worth the temporary comfort of many.

This time should have been no different. But it was.

People don't live like islands.

And the open road rolled out in front of us.

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