Alice Walsh Quotes

Alice Walsh Quotes

Through experience, he had learnt to pick up all of the unmistakable signs of vulnerability in a woman, everything that pointed to her being an easy prey.

To be in love at my age would mean not to have learnt anything at all.

She knew that sex was a means of getting ahead and saw nothing wrong in exploiting male weaknesses for her own purposes.

All women like to think they‟re special. Even the ones that aren‟t.

How to get and keep men interested in you (A Guide for the Modern Woman): Put them in the “friend” or “fuck” zone. Leave them there.

Men should always aim for women who they consider to be 'out of their league

[...] every guy out there gets one shot per woman in a lifetime [...]

She stole my first kiss, first love and all those first things, which are remembered just because they’ve never been before

[..]the way you get her interested in you will also be the way you’ll lose her [..]

Love alone is worthless. It cannot sustain a relationship … any relationship

Some women are just better at knowing what they want, which saves them the trouble of wasting too much time on the wrong guy.

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