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She enjoys bodybuilding, reading, writing and communicating God’s love and truth through her writing and speaking ministry. She has written and published ten books and is currently writing her eleventh and twelfth. Her fiction trilogy, "The Anoma" Series, translates spiritual truths within the pages of an engaging and character-driven story. Alisa writes nonfiction books about fitness and faith that inspire readers to achieve their best, both spiritually and physically. She has also written numerous articles—online and print—for a variety of Christian ministries.

Alisa Hope Wagner Quotes

You can have faith that God never lets you down even when circumstances do.

Humility is recognizing the fullness of our sin, so we can embrace the fullness of God's mercy.

At any moment we can demonstrate our faith by taking action that shows our belief in God's promises!

Grab onto God's promises with one hand and His faithfulness with the other, ripping apart the natural to reveal the supernatural unseen beneath.

Faith is the receiver of grace; unbelief is the rejector.

We must be careful not to recite ugliness in our hearts because it will eventually find its way out.

Surrender is the only path to supernatural living.

The best time to seek God is when it's really hard to find the time because that's when we probably need Him the most.

Fiction can do more than entertain you; it can change you

The atmosphere of my faith brightens with every Christ-centered book I read.

Sometimes God's sudden turn in your life feels like a detour, but in actuality it is the straightest way to your destiny!

Humble me so I do what is right. Break me so I cling to You. Expose me so my motives stay pure.

When our pride usurps Truth, we walk on the shifting sands of relativism, an ego driven reality.

We can position ourselves to receive God's promises, but it will take a lot of stretching, moving, breaking and changing!

The ministry found in the corners of one's life should match the ministry that is put on display.

I don't want to forget my origin: I'm an eternal spirit placed in a body put on this earth for only a short time to fulfill a purpose.

The Holy Spirit is like the wind. It can be gentle enough to stroke a leaf but hard enough to bend a tree. God provides us rest, but He'll also bring us an inch away from our breaking point. Both are done in love.

Life is too short not to look beyond it.

I don't want my words to be clever or eloquent. I just want them to speak God's heart.

Sometimes God remains silent to see if we'll remain faithful. The stillness exposed our intentions.

Sometimes, God brings His greatest rains with a storm. Sometimes, God brings His greatest blessings with your difficulty.

Our failures don't forfeit God's faithfulness.

Don't forget what people intend to use for harm, God can use for His greater good. Let offenses slide today, and watch how God works!

God's glory in our lives has little to do with our sacrifice and everything to do with our surrender.

God plants our spiritual giftings deep, so it will take years to claim them, but that gives Him time to refine His message in our hearts.

God's creativity in us comes with our consistency in Him.

God must build our anointing strong, so He can lay His glory thick.

I pray that the Holy Spirit puts His Words in my mouth, His movement in my heart and His direction in my path.

Getting to a place where we realize that we have nothing and can achieve nothing without God enables us to rely solely on Him for everything!

There are some things that you experience with God that you'll never be able to articulate this side of heaven.

The heart easily commends and condemns itself, depending on our wave like performance. That is why we must base our worth in Jesus alone.

Hook your audience with a tiny snag of truth, and the Holy Spirit will unravel the rest.

Prayer reaches into the supernatural with seeds of faith that grow into natural occurrences disguised as coincidences, but we know better.

God's love grounds me while His mystery confounds me. He is a personal yet all-powerful; in me yet around me; creates me yet dies for me.

I not only want to understand God's revelations, I want to be changed by them.

Seek God in the morning. Praise Him during the day. Meditate on Him at night.

I can always pray to God with confidence because my righteous state is a gift given through grace in faith on the cross by Jesus!

Run from God, and He will pursue you. Submit to Him, and He will move you.

Every time I try to be righteous by my own actions, God reminds me my righteousness comes from Jesus alone.

We are going to make mistakes no matter what, so it's better to be strong in faith despite our mistakes than weak in faith because of them.

The Holy Spirit builds on the smooth ground of humility. That's why God will tear you down in order to build you back up.

A deeper intimacy with God sharpens our awareness of sin, which causes a stronger need for grace and a freer offering of mercy.

We could never muster the strength to make lasting changes in our lives. That's why we must rely on God's strength to transform us.

Every day is a blank canvas to use our free will to create something beautiful for our Creator.

God created us in His image, and He gave us an imagination with His imprint to create things for His glory!

It's better to have no control and be in the center of God's plan for your life than have total control and be completely lost to your destiny.

Children are born with a desire to have meaning. Give them Jesus, and they will have it eternally.

Pride becomes the blanket transgression that conceals the rest of our sins, allowing us to remain blind to them.

Burn God's words into your heart, His thoughts into your mind and His ways into your actions; and you'll have a Spirit-filled life.

Your relationship or lack of relationship with God through Jesus Christ continues after your last breath on this earth.

Walking with Jesus is many times like walking in the eye of the storm-inner peace in the middle of chaos.

People can change their external lives with religion, but a lasting internal change only happens through a daily relationship with Jesus.

We must all cultivate our own creativity because we each have a God-given imagination that has the ability to bless generations and eternity.

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