Alisha Rai Quotes

Alisha Rai Quotes

While he’d been tentatively considering a possible romantic relationship with her, she’d fallen in love with him.
He could barely speak. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Mason snorted. “Yeah, that’s right. Do you like Maira, check yes or no. Come on. You’re almost thirty, you’re old enough to go after what you want.

Let’s not get started on their uniforms. Superman’s stretchy spandex has nothing on Batman’s sculpted pecs.”
He glared at her. “You cannot bring fashion sense into a superhero discussion!”
“If they wear it, it’s fair game.” She folded her arms on the table.

Can you…make it different this time?”
“Different, how?”
“Different position, different…something. I want to learn it all.”
Whoa, pressure. When Maira’s genius brain wanted to learn something, she really applied herself.

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