Amanda Hocking Quotes

Amanda Hocking Quotes

Why do you have to be so damn cryptic?

Being liked for the way you looked is worse than not being liked at all.

Forever is a really long time, you know? What do you do with forever?"
"The same thing you do when you don't have forever." He smiled wanly. "Live.

If Peter Pan had been real, he would've gone mad and killed everyone in Neverland.

I tended to hate people that hit me in the head without warning.

A vampire is branding girls, okay?" I ignored his refusal. "Something about that just feels wrong to me."
"I would hope so.

Are you just gonna stare at Jack or are we gonna go?" Milo asked, poking his head into the bedroom.

I don't care where I come from or who you are. I can make you happy, and you make me happy. We could have a happily ever after.

When I said it aloud, it sounded terribly creepy, which is why I had said it aloud.

Just because we don't understand why they'd cover up something doesn't mean they aren't," Bobby said, and we both turned to look at him.
"Now you just sound paranoid," I said.
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you," Bobby said with an expression so serious that I couldn't help but laugh.

Before when we were talking, were you asking why her?" The aurora above us reflected on his face, and his dark eyes were filled with heat. "Or were you asking why not you?

This is so weird. They're your brother and aunt."
"No, I understand. They're your family too." Rhys said. "They loved you and raised you. That's what family is, right?

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