Angela N. Blount Quotes

Angela N. Blount Quotes

Everybody’s damaged. It’s just a question of how badly, and whether you’re healing or still bleeding.

I know you can take care of yourself," he said, with absolute certainty. His vivid eyes probed hers. With the same underlying resolve, he lifted a hand and brushed her cheek with his fingertips. "I just don't think... you shouldn't have to.

Don't expect a man will try any harder to keep you than he did to get you.

Then, by your definition... I'm in love with you.

I already knew our “ever after” wouldn't always be happy or even comfortable―and clearly it couldn't be expected to go according to plan. Still, it was ours. And we were both determined enough to see it through to “the end.

Have you ever tried thinking of God as a person instead of an all-powerful vending machine that never gives you the right amount of change? He has feelings too, you know.

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