Aporva Kala Quotes

Aporva Kala Quotes

Religion is a good time pass, better than philosophy, and a million times better than love; love is a wastage of an era.

The words explain us all, each having a meaning in a meantime: every time for a lifetime.

Karma has to be done, there is o way of escaping the world once one is in it.

The senses assimilate the world, the maya of God.

Who listens to you when you are at your lowest lows? No one. But it is the best time when you should listen to your calling.

All beautiful women lead a gearless life and die horribly. Like the queen- Marilyn Monroe.

Comparisons are inevitable, her face resembles her, he is like him and this old man is like that old man. This is taking things too far.All old men and women are alike. Ageing makes no discrimination between the beauty and the ugly.

He is too presumptuous about the inanities of appearances, poor realities gone for a toss.

Only women understand the sensitivity of the soul, men are ambitious and ruthless.

Sameness of existence. Conformity is inevitable. So is search.

For the Soul; Ears are dumb,Eyes are blind,Mind is a juggler.

It doesn't require jargon to describe the soul.

People forget history nowadays, he lamented, that is what the ego does, making one the prisoner of one's inflated present, ignoring the humble past one has lived.

Why one enjoys maternal grandparents more than the paternal ones, i have never understood, but it was like that for me.

What do you know of her or of deaths and dreams?

Ah! the joys of linger...

Grey is the shade of life, like shadows.

People who are left alone tell the story but are never a part of it; those who are a part of the crowd, are story bound, acting upon the role assigned to them in the theater of living, loving and longing.

Freedom is inevitable; it is only the matter of the form in which it occurs. I think it is not the freedom per se that matters but the capacity to absorb it. I could have it and yet not enjoy it.

Annant is Pickwick paperless, the hunter of wisdom and due to Lovelace heart, a budding poet-ass.

Mr. Rip Wan winkle, be a star that twinkle.

Indeed you have what it takes to care like a mare, but can misters br one?

History tells creativity is a result of Soul song.

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