Assegid Habtewold Quotes

Assegid Habtewold Quotes

If you're a true student of the truth, you may easily get frustrated when people try to make points based on mysticism and cultural beliefs.

Some people don't want to take time to differentiate between what is mystical and the truth; and what is cultural and biblical. Don't be lazy!

We may be wondering why we can't keep certain relationships. We can't keep people who tuned higher/lower than our thought process. Get over it!

You can't succeed in any endeavor if your motive is solely selfish- feeding your ego, seeking recognition, fame, etc. Find a lasting motivation...

Desire activates the potential that was coined within you. You cannot unleash your potential without stepping up your desire to succeed...

Each one of us has a unique spot in this harmonious and self-sustaining universe. If our desire is to succeed and enjoy life to the full both personally, professionally, and business wise, we should spot our unique place in the universe.

Success is relative. We shouldn't compare the financial success between a person born into riches and the one born into abject poverty.

The starting place for your greatness is desire. The desire to succeed, to serve others, to keep on going no matter what; the desire to...

Your ability to discern key people in your life and organization before you bring them in saves you lots of time, trouble, and regrets... Watch out!!!

No one deserves to rent your heart, especially those who hurt you. Your heart is precious and deserves to store your great memories!

Your track record, and great achievements may prompt people to invest their resources such as time and money, not their heart.

Many things might have caused pain this year. The good thing is that we would not have felt them if we weren't alive. Thankful that I'm alive!

When you live from the inside out, it doesn't matter how chaotic the the world around you is. You're at peace with yourself and walk with your own pace.

Serving others is the surest and practical way of channeling your love. There is no love through lip service. If you love humanity, serve…

Some people have the innate ability to cheat artfully during dating, interview... Once they're in, they completely change and become different that they leave you wonder whether you have ever met them before.

It may be necessary to change our brand, catch phrases, strategy, design, etc. once in awhile. It may give us competitive advantages. But a change that demands the change of the SOUL of who we're doesn't deserve to be entertained.

More than the clarity we need to have about what MUST change, we need to have even more clarity about what MUST NOT change...

Change is a constant but that does not mean we MUST change everything. There MUST be things we MUST NOT change at all in our life and organization.

We don’t need to reach the end of the road to learn that we were on the wrong road." Page 7.

If s/he is intimidated by your achievements so far, s/he shouldn't be in your future because s/he cannot handle what is coming...

Your mind is working on your future based on a suggestion. The question is on whose suggestion it's working on: Yours or others?

I no longer think that laziness is all about being idle. I now know when I become lazy- when I stop learning new things, and cease to grow.

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