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Bauvard fears for the moral fiber of the rare soul who does peruse him. Having a great deal to say about nothing often turns readers into reactionary optimists - and it is bad business to create supply amidst surplus.

His only hope is that the people of a distant time will have a look at his writings with a view to being edified and entertained. Not people of the future - his work will be too outdated and boring by then. No, Bauvard's books belong to the past. There are some who live as a ghost among the ancients.

Who, then, are his readers? The upright, the honest, the hard-working, the family-man - in short, the humane - should stay away at all costs. Bauvard's view of life is too uncompromising for them. But for the decadents, the freethinkers, the self-creators - they may approach with doubt.

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