Brian Rathbone Quotes

Brian Rathbone Quotes

Life is the greatest of all mysteries, and though I seek to solve its many riddles, my deepest fear is that I will succeed.

Wisdom is the reward for surviving our own stupidity.

Darkness, no matter how powerful it may seem, can be driven back by the tiniest spark.

This life is but a brief tenure, one of many perspectives a spirit must experience in the quest for eternity.

The most awesome powers are those not wielded.

Procrastination robs the world of countless treasures.

Stars are the souls of old sailors. They plot the skies and guide the wayward home.

What goes up must come down, unless a dragon eats it.

Men are fickle creatures, capable of kindness and compassion yet fascinated by the basest atrocities.

We appreciate most that which we have lived without.

The souls of heroes are forged by the gods and tempered with the pain of life.

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