Celeste Cooper Quotes

Celeste Cooper Quotes

Mindfulness describes a "state of becoming" that places the individual beyond judgment and definition.

When confronted with challenge,I discover my inner strength.

Every star that lights up the sky, every bee pollinating the flowers, every pet asking for a treat exposes us to energy that echoes throughout our universe.

May our spirit fill us with understanding of victory and defeat, the gift of collaboration, the wisdom to choose the right path, and opportunities that inspire hope.

My life is more than a waiting period; it is an expedition. How I perceive it, and how I improve upon it is solely up to me.

I am thankful for the warmth of the sun, for it makes my spirit shine.

My course, navigating the sea of life, begins with a goal sighted in the lens of my telescope.

Looking back ten years, knowing how I feel today, I appreciate the now because in ten years I will look back and remember these days as the good days.

What is ahead of me is fueled by the experiences behind me.

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