Christy Leigh Stewart Quotes

Christy Leigh Stewart Quotes

Every concept of reality is all in our head, belief is what makes truth.

A novel is no different than graffiti in a bathroom stall, it's just more pretentious.

Does anyone else day dream about what it would be like if specific age groups just dropped dead all across the world?

Do you ever feel like we are the universe’s date to a pig party?
The Human Race

The wider you spread your fingers apart while clapping is equal to the amount of retarded you look while clapping.

I hallowed out my Bible to put another, smaller Bible inside.

He’s a scientist. He’s never cried. He flips through Googled image searches of burn victims while he touches himself.

I think men think about their penises as much as women think about molestation.

If women ruled the world there would be no wars. But, we all would have been aborted.

I’m going to punch words in your ear holes.

Even Azathoth is bored of this tune.

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