Da Anunciação Marco Quotes

Da Anunciação Marco Quotes

As always, the solutions is the simplest way: we have to start and lead by example.

You are the mirror image that reflects the attitudes which took in your life with what you have learned during the journey.

The feelings is both the biggest poison and the greatest remedy. The wisdom and good sense define the best use.

State of the Art is the frenetic and relentless pursuit of doing what its best at that time!

If you do not like how things are going, think in new ways, create new solutions and do not even think about giving up!

Identify the environment where we live and work is important to make us better.

The world is in crisis. What crisis?

For more irresponsible that human beings can be, nature always finds (not always healthy) a way to teach us how to be treated.

Are you satisfied with you? Great! Are not you? Let's start in the mirror...

Everything is positive. Laziness is what makes us think otherwise.

Want to turn your dream in idea? Then write how wonderful it is with all the details. But never forget to plan step by step how to make it a reality. Dream without action does not produce results.

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