Daniel Melgaço Quotes

Daniel Melgaço Quotes

What some people call luck, I call God.

A man who does something bad will be judged by men and by God. A man who does something good will be rewarded by men and also by God.

People become more ignorant when it comes to religion.

In case of religion, if there is no scientific evidence of such a thing, you should not judge those who do not believe. And they should not judge you, reciprocally.

We should not influence our children to such a belief or religion. We should just show them the path of goodness; and from that, they can choose according to their interests.

A man is considered good not only for his actions, but also by his thoughts.

What happens to other people does not necessarily will happen to you.

Why do people think jealousy is a feeling so proud to have?

We should not blame people by the mistakes of others.

What scares me most is the pessimism of people.

A place does not become good by your physical aspects, but by the people who are present in it.

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