David Chiles Quotes

David Chiles Quotes

Double check answers to questions shared online for proper Netiquette because people are asking for leadership. NetworkEtiquette.net

Violence is stupid. Peace is prosperous. Education is necessary. Practice proper Netiquette. NetworkEtiquette.net

Netiquette starts at home. Family values are a good frame of reference for netiquette rules. NetworkEtiquette.net

Hacks and attacks happen. Safety Netiquette helps. Periodic account reconciliation is required. Check.

Happy Independence Day! Let Freedom Stream!!! NetworkEtiquette.net

It's good Netiquette to manage music, video, and ebooks with cloud storage and mobile apps. NetworkEtiquette.net

Netiquette is overdelicate because kids use the internet. Adult content forms are triplicate, ASL. NetworkEtiquette.net

The price of freedom is teamwork" from forthcoming, Internet Etiquette: Netiquette Principles, Practice, and Power NetworkEtiquette.net

Teamwork is good netiquette. All good users can work together to accomplish goals. NetworkEtiquette.net

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