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Benjamin Alire Sáenz

I bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone's hand.

Amit Kalantri

True leaders don't give consoling answers, they take constructive actions.. Amit Kalantri
True leaders don't give consoling answers, they take constructive actions.

Malcolm Bradbury

With my sort of book there's no resolution, because there's no solution. The problems aren't answered in the end because there is no answer. They're problems that are handed on to the reader, not solved for him so that he can go away thinking he lives in a beautiful world. It's not a beautiful world.

Christopher Bram

A work of art doesn’t need to provide complete answers in order to succeed. It needs only to excite us into asking questions and give us a place to think about them while we become involved in other people’s lives.

Patricia MacLachlan

...there are some things for which there are no answers, no matter how beautiful the words may be.

Adam P. Knave

Saying something is far too simple is a doubter's way or trying to make the world more complex so he won't have answers.

Sarah Dessen

I don't get it,' Caroline said, bemused. 'She's the only one with wings. Why is that?'
There were so many questions in life. You couldn't ever have all the answers. But I knew this one.
It's so she can fly,' I said. Then I started to run.

J.D. Stroube

Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to seek those answers that continues to give meaning to life. You can spend your life wallowing in despair, wondering why you were the one who was led towards the road strewn with pain, or you can be grateful that you are strong enough to survive it.

Jerry Spinelli

I felt alone on the planet, drifting through the cosmos. With both hands I reached out to the night. There was no answer. Or maybe I just couldn't hear it.

Movie Quote

Hey, I don't have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I've failed as much as I've succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you, my kind of successes.

- From Jerry Maguire, 1996

Kurt Cobain

We have no right to express an opinion until we know all of the answers.

Megan Chance

The answers are what they are. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they aren't true.

B.F. Skinner

A scientist may not be sure of the answer, but he's often sure he can find one. And that's a condition which is clearly not enjoyed by philosophy.

Sweety Shinde

Absence of questions is not proof of answers.

Charles Portis

I'm white and I don't dance, but that doesn't mean I have all the answers.

Clay Christensen

Questions are places in your mind where answers fit. If you haven't asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go.

C.S. Lewis

When I lay these questions before God I get no answer. But a rather special sort of 'No answer.' It is not the locked door. It is more like a silent, certainly not uncompassionate, gaze. As though He shook His head not in refusal but waiving the question. Like, 'Peace, child; you don't understand.

Robin Epstein

Having an answer is a comfort. It's when you start asking questions and those questions pull threads in the larger fabric, you're forced to wonder what you're left with. And for people of any age, it's scary to think the fabric of the universe - or the universe as you've always believed it existed - can just unwind, you know?

Angie Karan

When you quieten and silence your mind and lovingly consult your heart, that direct line between your heart and mind directs you to the "God" within you. It is in that place you will find your answers and what you are looking for.

Jim George

Thankfulness should always be our first response when God answers prayers.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

To ask the 'right' question is far more important than to receive the answer. The solution of a problem lies in the understanding of the problem; the answer is not outside the problem, it is in the problem.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

It's okay not to know all the answers. It's better to admit our ignorance than to believe answers that might be wrong. Pretending to know everything closes the door to finding out what's already there.

David Chiles

Double check answers to questions shared online for proper Netiquette because people are asking for leadership.

Richard P. Feynman

I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.

Yisroel Meir Ha-Cohen

With faith, there are no questions; without faith, there are no answers.

Janice Hanna

Really, there was only one sensible thing to do. Stay the course. Pray it through, day by day, minute by minute. The Lord had an answer and it would surely come. (p. 203)

Carolyn Custis James

Faith may want answers, but somehow it is able to survive without them.

Megan Chance

Trying to justify a world we don't hold all the answers to is what bedevils the best of us. Sometimes it's better just to accept that things are as we see them.

Dee Williams

The library made me feel safe, as if every question had an answer and there was nothing to be afraid of, as long as I could sort through another volume.

Julie Connor

When you dream, do not worry about how you must orchestrate events to ensure your success. Focus instead on why your dream is important to you. When you define your dream with razor-sharp clarity and articulate why you want to pursue it, answers about how to do it will begin to become clear.

Elizabeth George

Dust off that Bible. It has the answers you are looking for, and its delights await you.

Anna R.

We are always afraid to ask because we aren't afraid of the answer but the feeling of rejection

Ally Condie

Who knows why that man planted those fields? Perhaps he knew we’d need the flowers for a cure. Maybe he just thought they were beautiful, like my mother did. But we do find answers in beauty, more often than not.

Bryant McGill

Sex is a form of exploration; it is asking questions and getting answer

Anthony Liccione

They have their opinions, but we have the answers.

Jessiqua Wittman

Sometimes you have to choose between being strong and being honest, if you want real answers.

Richelle E. Goodrich

The world is full of opinions. But I am not searching for opinions, I'm searching for truths.

Eric Samuel Timm

Sometimes the answers you need to hear aren't the answers you want to hear.

Jean-Yves Leloup

Sometimes the best answer to a question is another question. Is it not by asking questions that we stimulate each other to reach more deeply into our own source and, thereby, approach the Source, both together and in our different ways? (7)

Vera Nazarian

Q: Why do I love thee, O Night?
A: Because you know I will never answer.

Kate Messner

[I]n spite of her work as a reference librarian, she discovered that life isn't about knowing all the answers. The best we can do is make peace with our questions, learn who we are, know our strengths, and do the best we can with the gifts we've been given while we're here.

Rasheed Ogunlaru

There is no question- love is the answer

Dejan Stojanovic

You ask how it is possible to be your own father and son. You should seek answers, although it is better to anticipate some, to be the light and dream.

Nema Al-Araby

Questions that will free you might have answers that will imprison you again.

Deborah Curtis

We don't want to give people straight answers. We'd rather they question things for themselves.

Mary Oliver

The man who has many answers
is often found
in the theaters of information
where he offers, graciously,
his deep findings.

While the man who has only questions,
to comfort himself, makes music.

Dejan Stojanovic

Pose your questions to people and you will get countless useless answers.

Dejan Stojanovic

You are hurrying to the sweet place,
To the nonsense chasing your spirit
And in the nonsense you look for answers.

Dejan Stojanovic

There is always the question why
And there is always life,
Which doesn't need an answer.

Dejan Stojanovic

He had an answer to almost everything and he retired at an early age.


We don't need to have the answers. We'll never have them. They'll come and go and change. And all we can do is figure out the best way to behave when life comes at us. Even if society says it isn't right. Right is so subjective, after all.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.

Will Lavender

What if you were always stuck in one place, your mind spinning and unable to go forward like tires clenched in mud, because the answers wouldn't reveal themselves to you?

Alain De Botton

The mind does most of its best thinking when we aren't there. The answers are there in the morning.

Steve Goodier

When I’ve lost my way or when I am confused about a path to take, I remember that most answers I need I already possess – deep inside. I am naturally creative, resourceful and whole. If I consult my invisible compass, I’ll know what to do.

Sarah Thebarge

Part of me was afraid that if I raised my fist to the sky and demanded an answer now, I would hear a thundering and calloused, 'Because I said so," from God in heaven. And I may not ever want to speak to Him again.

Bria Martin

I was searching for answers, I would never find
Just to keep busy of my mind

Dean Koontz

So many things in my continuing education are learned by going where I have to go and doing what I have to do. Therefore, my only answer is: "I guess I'll find out.

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