Dee Remy Quotes

Dee Remy Quotes

When you are in a room with Kurtis, whether its one or a hundred he is the only person that matters.

Every men wanted to be his friend and every woman wanted to be in his bed

We have formed a sick little friendship over the past year

I felt the same way the world felt about Kurtis; It revolved around him.

You may say suicide is a loss of control and cowardly. Foolish as it may sound, I am prepared to argue.

Dark circles under my eyes sink deeper and deeper into my skull, in contrast to my pale skin there is an undeniable resemblance to a fresh corpse.

How do people know they are sane? Can a person be gripped by lunacy, only to be released a short time later, never to relive the episode again?

When you were in a room with Kurtis James, whether it was one or a hundred other people, Kurtis seemed to be the only one there

Together we shared a bond not even death would violate.

Mirrors are perpetually deceitful. They lie and steal your true self. They reveal only what your mind believes it sees

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