Doris Kearns Goodwin Quotes

Doris Kearns Goodwin Quotes

(Theodore) Roosevelt considered his experience with 'fellow ranchmen on what was then the frontier' to be 'the most educational asset' of his entire life, instrumental to his success in becoming president.

As soon as (Teddy Roosevelt) received an assignment for a paper or project, he would set to work, never leaving anything to the last minute. Prepared so far ahead "freed his mind" from worry and facilitated fresh, lucid thought.

Go ahead, and fear not. You will have a full library at your service.

As ever, books remained a medium through which Theodore and Edith connected and interpreted larger world.

The Yale graduate who had refused to read outside the course curriculum (the future Pres. Taft) suddenly found himself inspired.

I read them (articles TR wrote on his honeymoon) all over to Edith and her corrections and help were most valuable to me.

In the reflected gaze of his (her husband's) steady admiration, she saw the face of the girl he had fallen in love with.

We are now parents. The love for our offspring has opened up fresh fountains of love for each other. Edwin Stanton to his wife.

She was never satisfied with anything less than perfection, but she was no grind. She was too interested in people.

Teddy Roosevelt "had relished "every hour" of every day as president. Indeed, (he was) fearing the "dull thud" he would experience upon returning to private life.

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