Curiosity Quotes

Bryant McGill

Discovery requires courage and acceptance that we are not in control, and that the future is uncertain.


It's so curious: one can resist tears and 'behave' very well in the hardest hours of grief. But then someone makes you a friendly sign behind a window, or one notices that a flower that was in bud only yesterday has suddenly blossomed, or a letter slips from a drawer... and everything collapses.

Lailah Gifty Akita

It is possible for you to realise your dream as a scientist, you must be a passionate learner and curious enough to seek this wonderful career path.

Dani Shapiro

When I think of the wisest people I know, they share one defining trait: curiosity. They turn away from the minutiae of their lives-and focus on the world around them. They are motivated by the desire to explore the unfamiliar. They are drawn toward what they don't understand.

Anthony Liccione

One can talk good and shower down roses, but it's the receiver that has to walk
One can talk good and shower down roses, but it's the receiver that has to walk through the thorns, and all its false expectations.

Elizabeth Newton

Curiosity is called curiosity because of how curiously it can creep into people’s behavior no matter what dangers are around.

Ben Carson

By reading so much, my vocabulary automatically improved along with my comprehension.

Spike Jonze

Don't differentiate between "This is a job" and "This is what I'm doing for fun." It's all simultaneous.

Dee Henderson

Curiosity was a bad character trait for a private investigator to have. It created work.

Tony Schwartz

Let go of certainty. The opposite isn't uncertainty. It's openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow.

Unarine Ramaru

Curiosity is always good if it is aimed at learning.

Saul D. Alinsky

Life is an adventure of passion, risk, danger, laughter, beauty, love; a burning curiosity to go with the action to see what it is all about, to go search for a pattern of meaning, to burn one's bridges because you're never going to go back anyway, and to live to the end.

Oscar Wilde

His sudden mad love for Sibyl Vane was a psychological phenomenon of no small interest. There was no doubt that curiosity had much to do with it, curiosity and the desire for new experiences; yet it was not a simple but rather a very complex passion.

Walt Disney Company

Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Laurence Sterne

What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within the span of his little life by him who interests his heart in everything.

Luci Swindoll

It's daring to be curious about the unknown, to dream big dreams, to live outside prescribed boxes, to take risks, and above all, daring to investigate the way we live until we discover the deepest treasured purpose of why we are here.

Albert Einstein

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.. Albert
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Mortimer J. Adler

The complexities of adult life get in the way of the truth. The great philosophers have always been able to clear away the complexities and see simple distinctions - simple once they are stated, vastly difficult before. If we are to follow them we too must be childishly simple in our questions - and maturely wise in our replies.

John Updike

And yet does the appetite for new days ever really cease?

John Updike

We must have sinned greatly, at some juncture long buried in our protozoic past, to deserve such a universe

Oscar Wilde

The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing.

Holly Black

If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that brought it back.

E.A. Bucchianeri

It was not curiosity that killed the goose who laid the golden egg, but an insatiable greed that devoured common sense.

Karen Blixen

A visitor is a friend, he brings news, good or bad, which is bread to the hungry minds in lonely places. A real friend who comes to the house is a heavenly messenger, who brings the panis angelorum.

Mary Norton

Misfortunes make us wise

Ron Barrow

Stay upbeat and keep your head held high. There is no end to the power of positive thinking. I AM looking forward to all the wealth, success, and abundance speeding my way!

Sweety Shinde

Absence of questions is not proof of answers.

Sangita Pareek

A person who wants to know everything eventually comes to a stage where his/her curiosity of knowing everything comes to an end and that is the stage of Enlightenment.

Baris Gencel

Curiosity deepest connection that we have with knowledge, wisdom and life. Incuriosity is cutting all these connections.

Michael Reisman

Curiosity is a good thing, like onion soup. But too much onion soup makes your breath smell terrible. And too much curiosity can make your whole body smell terrible, if it causes you to be dead.

Damien Echols

Those with less curiosity or ambition just mumble that God works in mysterious ways. I intend to catch him in the act.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The knowledge of all things is possible

Charles Baudelaire

I set out to discover the why of it, and to transform my pleasure into knowledge.

Mortimer J. Adler

The ability to retain a child's view of the world with at the same time a mature understanding of what it means to retain it, is extremely rare - and a person who has these qualities is likely to be able to contribute something really important to our thinking.

Albert Einstein

Curiosity is more important than knowledge.

Stephen Fry

I'm fat because I'm greedy, and if my mind is fat it's because I'm curious.

Gloria Steinem

Her searches after knowledge were arbitrary and without context. It was as if she were shining a small flashlight of curiosity into the dark room of the world.

Umberto Eco

A monk should surely love his books with humility, wishing their good and not the glory of his own curiosity; but what the temptation of adultery is for laymen and the yearning for riches is for secular ecclesiastics, the seduction of knowledge is for monks.

Toba Beta

Curiosity is a call from knowledge.

Jasper Fforde

Keep your head down, Edward. Those that see too much quickly find themselves seeing nothing at all.

Amit Kalantri

No matter how knowledgeable you are, respect your parents for their experience and your children for their curiosity.

Enock Maregesi

Nina matatizo ya kiafya: Udadisi wa hali ya juu wa kiakili.


The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

Dylan Thomas

My education was the liberty I had to read indiscriminately and all the time, with my eyes hanging out.

Augustine Of Hippo

Free curiosity has greater power to stimulate learning than rigorous coercion. Nevertheless, the free ranging flux of curiosity is channeled by discipline under Your Law.

Norton Juster

... what you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow.

Floyd Dell

Children are notoriously curious about everything, everything except... the things people want them to know. It then remains for us to refrain from forcing any kind of knowledge upon them, and they will be curious about everything.

Philo Of Alexandria

Learning is by nature curiosity... prying into everything, reluctant to leave anything, material or immaterial, unexplained.

Jeff Jarvis

In the real world, the tests are all open book.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

As soon as (Teddy Roosevelt) received an assignment for a paper or project, he would set to work, never leaving anything to the last minute. Prepared so far ahead "freed his mind" from worry and facilitated fresh, lucid thought.

Catherine The Great

Very early it was noticed that I had a good memory; therefore I was insistently tormented with learning everything by heart.

Kirsten Siggins

When we aren't curious in conversations we judge, tell, blame and even shame, often without even knowing it, which leads to conflict."
-The Power Of Curiosity: How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding

Amit Kalantri

The problem with a man is, he is no more a child.

Harriet Blaine

I do not think he (Chester Arthur) knows anything. He can quote a verse from poetry or a page from Dickens or Thackeray, but these are only leaves springing from a root out of dry ground. His vital forces are not fed,and very soon he has given out his all.

Loren Rhoads

Curiosity is the single most important attribute with which humans are born. More than a simple desire to discover or know things, curiosity is a powerful tool, like a scalpel or a searchlight. Curiosity changes us. It is also a way to effect change, perhaps even on a global level.

Richard J. Foster

If we watch the interactions between human beings, we will receive a graduate-level education.

Alice Sebold

I was like I was in science class: I was curious.

James Bridie

Eve and the apple was the first great step in experimental science.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Science is a satisfactory curiosity.

Edward O. Wilson

Real scientists do not take vacations. They take field trips...

Aaron Swartz

Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.

Steven Magee

Replace Fear of Radiation with Curiosity

Susana Almeida

Foi então que a viu. Num beco escuro, onde a luz mal tocava, estava uma rapariga. Espreitava timidamente a festa, encolhendo-se sempre que se ouvia um ruído mais forte.

Alain De Botton

A popular perception that political news is boring is no minor issue; for when news fails to harness the curiosity and attention of a mass audience through its presentational techniques, a society becomes dangerously unable to grapple with its own dilemmas and therefore to marshal the popular will to change and improve itself.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Go ahead, and fear not. You will have a full library at your service.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

The Yale graduate who had refused to read outside the course curriculum (the future Pres. Taft) suddenly found himself inspired.

John Adams

A taste for literature and a turn for business, united in the same person, never fails to make a great man.

C.S. Lewis

It is very rarely that a middle-aged man finds an author who gives him, what he knew so often in his teens and twenties, the sense of having opened a new door.

J. Norman Collie

The text-book is rare that stimulates its reader to ask, Why is this so? Or, How does this connect with what has been read elsewhere?

Daniel J. Rice

I watched the surrounding landscape with great curiosity, and I wanted to discover the words that could describe all its unspoiled beauty.


Your erotic,
A memoir of pleasure.
Caress the streets as through they held the touch of mink,
Leaving only trails of stardust.
Your eyes could Pierce hearts, leaving eternal scars of that moment,
Moments so bittersweet they linger upon the tastebuds of those who dare glance.
You, Stain eyes with curiosity
I dare not blink.

Michael Bassey Johnson

People want to see that other people are interested in you before they become interested in you, unfortunately, they come after you when you're no longer interested in them.

Freya Stark

Curiosity is the one thing invincible in Nature.

Elizabeth Lomeli

Part ways with your perception of reality, allow the unknown and your curiosity muster into a visual you've never allowed yourself to see.

Frances Hodgson Burnett

You can lose a friend in springtime easier than any other season if you're too curious.

Chris Bell

Behind everyday reality, there is a deeper reality so cruel that it condemns to death those who crime is no greater than the pursuit of their own curiosity.
("Shem-El-Nessim: An Inspiration In Perfume")

Robert Rauschenberg

Curiosity is the main energy...

C.S. Lewis

I am not a scholar of the past, but I am a lover of the past.

Marian Schlesinger

Historians are great gossips at a high level.

Dee Williams

I think I'm more curious than I used to be - curious about why people live like they do and how they make sense of their time... Do they see how the sun has made it like a champion around the world overnight, and that all day today we get another chance to be brave, to exercise our humanity with boldness and deft precision?

Greejesh Prakash

Knowledge is the best economy we can have.

Michael Bassey Johnson

When a child reaches puberty, parents become so curious about their sex lives and whereabouts, put them behind bars to their own detriment. When such a child breaks free, don't be surprised to see him/her in porn movies.

Marcel Proust

She [Mme des Laumes] belonged to that half of the human race in whom the curiosity the other half feels about the people it does not know is replaced by an interest in the people it does.

Michael Bassey Johnson

People will say,"there's heaven and hell", and they take it so serious that they look so sorrowful with penitence. I would rather ask them to show me the route that leads to heaven or hell.

B.F. Skinner

No one asks how to motivate a baby. A baby naturally explores everything it can get at, unless restraining forces have already been at work. And this tendency doesn't die out, it's wiped out.

Yvon Chouinard

…the worst thing said about him is that he was "uncurious.

Ken Robinson

Curiosity is the engine of achievement.

Star Trek Enterprise

Movies lost their appeal when people realized their real lives were more interesting.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

She was never satisfied with anything less than perfection, but she was no grind. She was too interested in people.

David McCullough

The author perceptively outlines what might be an underrated aspect of his subject and of many others whose public achievements are of note – a "gift for friendship". McCullough says Adams, despite his towering intellect and curmudgeonly demeanor, had a soft heart for other people and a genuine interest in their particulars.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

A ‘white’ kid that asks too many questions is called *curious.* A ‘black’ kid that asks too many questions is called *forward.*

Jay Woodman

Let's follow our curiosity & our joy.

Gabor Maté

Adults envy the open-hearted and open-minded explorations of children; seeing their joy and curiosity, we pine for our own capacity for wide-eyed wonder.

William Zinsser

I never think of him as a scholar assaulting me with how much he knows, but as a teacher eager to share a lifelong passion for the subject.

Steeven Shaw

Arrogance kills Creativity, Curiosity and Passion. Stop it and you'll learn more.

Dan Sanders

It is the power of questions that embolden us and keep us as expectant children, all the while developing the power of human consciousness.

Jay Woodman

I believe in always being open to learning more through exploration of everything available and following one's sense of curiosity, creativity, and playfulness.

Jay Woodman

If the spirit of wonder & curiosity stays alive in us, then surely we will always have new questions, and always expand our creativity in response?

Myles Horton

Curiosity is very important I think, and I think too much of education, starting with childhood education, is either designed to kill curiosity or it works out that way anyway.

Richard P. Feynman

Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.

Homer Hickam

I had discovered that learning something, no matter how complex, wasn't hard when I had a reason to want to know it.

Tony Danza

Teaching is different today. Teachers don’t just stand at the board and lecture while the kids take notes. What we’re ultimately teaching them is to teach themselves.

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