Edmond Mbiaka Quotes

Edmond Mbiaka Quotes

It is important to have a dream, but a dream is absolutely nothing until you start to consistently give life to it through strategic actions.

You are as special and important as everyone else that walks on the face of the earth. We were all created by the same Almighty Goad. So be proud of who God has uniquely created you to be. You are very special in His eyes.

The goal is not to pray and wait around for a miracle to happen, but to pray and then worker harder than ever with faith.

Words create feelings. So be careful of the words that you occupy your mind with.

Your mind is definitely not meant to entertain and shelter any thought that goes against your positive desires. You should always be on guard against all self-defeating thoughts and words.

I always pray, and then get busy working, because I clearly understand that praying without consistent actions is nothing but a wishful thinking.

Not everyone who works hard gets to make it in life. But those who work hard with a smart plan always do.

Any mind that lacks the spirit of gratitude knows nothing about the feeling of happiness.

We can only be as happy or as miserable as the thoughts that constantly dwell in our minds.

Every obstacle should be seen as a part of the process of gaining mental strength and wisdom for bigger and better things in life.

Where there is happiness, the need for pleasure isn't highly necessary, but where there is pleasure, the gift of happiness is still highly needed. Try not to mistake the two.

There are so many ways to seek and find pleasure, but only one way to search and gain happiness; which is through your mind.

You could only be stopped from being happy, successful, or great through your thoughts and beliefs.

Gratitude is one of the strongest pillars of a happy life.

Happiness is a tenant that would only move into your life if you consistently focus on the positive side of your life.

Many people confuse pleasure with happiness until its temporary blissful feeling comes to an end.

Living happily is a matter of holding on to your peace of mind and celebrating your life daily while you still have it.

If what you call happiness are the pleasurable feelings that you experience when things are going very well in your life, then you truly don't know what true happiness is.

Whatever thought or belief that cannot produce happiness or growth in your life, doesn't belong in your mind.

Happiness is one of your core entitlements on earth; by all means don't deprive yourself from living happily.

The beauty of happiness is that you can solely attain it despite what people say or think about you.

It is impossible for one to become happy in life, if one keeps holding on to the thoughts and beliefs that caused one's misery in the first place.

Misery will never be your destiny. Your mind deserves joy in abundance, but it's your responsibility to constantly feed the right words and beliefs to it.

Money and love from others don't bring happiness. They can only bring some pleasurable feelings. Positive frequent thoughts are the only things that can produce the feeling of happiness that one desperately seeks.

God has already given us everything that we need to be happy, but it's still our individual responsibility to ensure that our thoughts are constantly in favor of our happiness.

If your thoughts and beliefs are always in support of your destiny, happiness would become an instant gift, while success would only become a matter of time.

Prospering and living happily aren't things to wish for; they are abilities that you were already born with.

Don't you think it's time to start giving yourself enough reasons to be happy with your life instead of reasons why living miserably is your only option?

Happiness is what happens when you build the level of awareness and courage to continuously identify, challenge, and replace your negative thoughts and beliefs.

If it doesn't lead to success or happiness, it is absolutely not for you.

The moment that you realize that only you can activate happiness in your life, and that things or people cannot do it for you, that is when you would stop to look for it on the outside and start searching on the inside.

Why choose to live unhappily when living happily is already an option available to you?

In every circumstance, always remember that you can only be as happy or miserable as you repeatedly interpret your life to be.

Never seize to constantly remind yourself that your positive thoughts and beliefs are the pillars of your peace of mind.

Happiness is nothing but a blissful feeling that can only be activated when positive thoughts and beliefs are constantly dwelling in one's mind.

Happiness is a feeling that can never be created without constantly reminding yourself about the things that are good in your life instead of the things that are bad about it.

You solely owe success and happiness to yourself. So why not make your inner-self proud of your daily decisions and actions?

No one is responsible for your own happiness. Neither could anyone or thing succeed in making you happy. This is because happiness can only be activated or deactivated through your repeated thoughts and beliefs.

To succeed in achieving unconditional happiness is arguably the greatest wealth on earth.

The land of failure and misery isn't where you temporarily or permanently belong. You are a royal child of God, and definitely have a specially reserved place in the territory of success and happiness.

Happiness has never failed to follow those who follow their true positive purpose in life.

To live a happy life, you must make it your daily responsibility to frequently focus only on the things that make you mentally and physically stronger.

Happiness is solely a product of the mind, not of worldly things. Therefore, it's time to activate your positive attitude and start searching from within to discover your peace of mind.

Happiness has never been a product of a mind that's full of grudges and regrets.

A lot of people think that their lack of money is the reason behind their unhappiness. Maybe they should ask those who are rich and miserable, if money is the root of happiness?

Who am I without God on my side? Absolutely nobody. A life without Him, is a life without a direction.

No dream is too big for God to shine the light of manifestation on.

God has already given us the courage and strength to relentlessly push ahead. So let's not hesitate to push forward until we are greatly rewarded in the territory of abundant blessings.

God didn't create you to think, act, and walk like an inferior person; instead, He created you to constantly see yourself in all circumstances as being special as everyone else.

God has already given us peace of mind, but some of us are yet to experience it, because they continue to feed the wrong words to their subconscious mind.

Unlike people, God will never turn His back on you. Trust in Him with all your heart, and you will never have to worry about being betrayed.

One of the benefits of having God on your side is that you would never have to worry about what your life would become if the world was to turn its back on you. God has everything that your positive inner-self hungers for.

Never stop reminding yourself that God created you to be mentally and physically tougher than your struggles, challenges and obstacles.

The beginning of success starts first from strongly believing that God brought you into this life to prosper.

Does it matter if the whole world is standing against you, if God is already on your side, guiding and protecting you?

Be proud of who God created you to be, and stop trying to become what the society demands for you to be.

God definitely didn't bring you into this life to have you waste your whole life as a product of negativity. Instead, He brought you here to watch you live happily and successfully on the path of victory. So why not put in your very best to make Him proud of you?

Before you ask God for more blessings, be sure to first thank Him for all that He has given to you so far.

No matter the amount of people who are wishing for your downfall, always remember that God is already busy elevating you to a greater height.

When you have an unshakeable faith in what you seek, the length of its journey becomes irrelevant.

A genuine act of kindness could give hope and healing to an emotionally wounded person.

Keep pushing with faith, hope and courage, for there is a very valuable prize waiting for you at the end of your struggle.

Greatness can only be achieved when an impeccable level of knowledge consistently meets high quality actions.

No matter what your religion is, be sure that it teaches you to treat other people as you would expect them to treat you in return. There is a great joy in peace and unity.

No matter your race, level of education, gender, age, religion, cultural beliefs, physical appearance, social status, financial status and more, always remember that you are as important as everyone else.

No matter what life throws at you, never stop loving it. Obstacles are meant to be conquered.

Humility, kindness, integrity, and compassion are the fragrances that I wear, and I strongly recommend that you try them.

Compromising is the only path that all happy couples travel on.

If you cannot piece someone else's heart back to its original condition, don't dare to break it.

Faith is undoubtedly the core foundation of every great achievement.

A life without integrity, faith, courage and a positive purpose, is an unnecessary gamble with no positive possibility.

Don't be discouraged when they laugh at your adversity; instead, smile at them, because through persistence, perseverance and faith, you would be laughing at their surprised faces in the future.

As important as faith is when it comes to success, when it is not accompanied with some consistent actions, its purpose becomes nothing but a wishful thinking.

Leave your goals and dreams in God's hands, but don't fail to play your part by believing in your abilities and taking consistent actions with faith

Living a life of faith is the only path that fulfills one's positive inner-self.

Stop worrying about where you are at the moment and start getting excited about what the future holds for you through consistent actions and faith.

Always protect your heart with unconditional self-love, faith and courage.

When positive attitudes meet with faith, courage, consistency and perseverance, miracles tend to happen.

A life of success demands that you never starve your dreams from the actions, courage, and faith that they consistently need.

Before every great reward, comes the footprints of persistency, consistency, perseverance, courage, faith and patience.

Your true destiny is desperately waiting on you to start thinking, acting, and walking with faith and courage.

A prayer without faith is absolutely meaningless.

No matter how difficult things get, always keep your head up with a heart full of courage and faith. You truly haven't seen your best yet.

Your life can only be as fruitful as the decisions and actions that you consistently channel into your goals. Dream bigger and relentlessly push harder with courage and faith.

The habit of upgrading your mind with self-development messages is highly important, if you desire to reach the pinnacle of your true destiny in life.

Study the footsteps of the successful people who came before you, and those who are still living. Learn from their mistakes, failures and success. Create a strategic plan, activate your faith and courage, and then drive your dream to the land of success.

To be a winner is to be willing to fall several times and pick yourself up each time.

Success is the only possible outcome when one vows to never stop moving forward.

The land of success will always be big enough for all, but you must still get yourself to it.

Wanting something is one thing, but believing you could attain it is another. But in the game of success, nothing tangible ever happens without one believing in its possibility.

Success is what happens when a mind with a positive attitude meets an effective plan of action.

Instead of regretting the person you were yesterday, strive to become a better person today and a much better person tomorrow. Everything that you wish you could become, you can still become. Persist and persevere until success becomes a reality in your life.

Success would become inevitable if one gets in a habit of seeing no reason to give up when the going gets rough and tough.

No matter how successful or great you become, never forget that you are nothing without the mercy of God.

Success becomes inevitable when one subconsciously conceives and believes that moving forward is a very achievable option in one's journey.

Some people become fully discouraged in life because of their series of mistakes and failures; while others succeed by consistently learning from theirs.

When you are a dreamer, so many people are not going to believe in the success of your dream. These people could include your close friends, relatives, parents, siblings, and other people around you. But don't be discouraged by them, because you only need the grace of God, believing in yourself, and consistent strategic actions to succeed in life.

There is definitely more left in you than what those negative thoughts are forcing you to believe. Quitting on yourself should never be an option in your life. Success is your true destiny Keep pushing until something very rewarding happens.

So many people want to be successful, but most of them are fearful or doubtful of the path that leads to it. This is way the land of success is far from being crowded.

Success has proven to us over and over again that one's dream would become impossible to achieve, if one continuously convinces oneself to believe so.

There is absolutely no difference between a dreamer and a non-dreamer, if the dreamer's dream is not accompanied with faith, courage, perseverance, patience, and consistent actions. Every dream needs some consistent actions in order to give birth to success.

Success doesn't happen by mistake. You have to strategically plan it first, and then consistently visualize its manifestation in your mind, while tirelessly working it.

Success is what happens when you have given your dreams all that you think that you have in you, but still persist in giving them some more.

Failure is only an option; so is success. Please choose wisely.

When you are swimming in success, a lot of fake friends would show up in your life. But when things get hard, you would think that all those unfriendly friends probably lost your phone number by accident, because you would barely or never hear from them again. So be wise with the caliber of people that you keep in your inner circle.

Just because you aren't rich or wealthy doesn't mean that you aren't successful. Life is full so many challenges, which pushing beyond each one of them is truly a success of its own

Never forget that you solely owe unconditional self-love and massive success to yourself.

In the journey of success, the only person that has to believe in your dreams is nobody else but yourself.

Success has always been a product of having an unstoppable drive to make each day count creatively and productively.

There is absolutely no shortcut to success other than paying the price that its prize demands.

In the end, success will surely be the final outcome. But until then, try not to count yourself out of the race.

Just because many have tried and failed, doesn't make the task impossible.

With strategic steps, consistent actions, and God's unending favors, winning massively becomes highly inevitable.

Every moment spent on being jealous at someone else's success, is a moment that could be spent on building one's dream.

The art of success is mainly centered on consistently preparing and positioning yourself to seize opportunities whenever they come.

When time consistently meets positivity, negative situations turn into testimonies.

Time is undoubtedly one of your greatest tools for success. You truly can't afford not to use it wisely.

For how long are you going to keep wasting your money, time, and energy trying to impress people who will never matter in your life?

Some people don't get to succeed in life because they spend most of their energy and time being envious of those who have succeeded, instead of learning from them.

A downfall isn't in any way the end of your journey. Get back up and channel your time, energy, and focus back on the path to the victory line.

Your fears in life are only as fearful as you constantly interpret them to be.

Fear is something we all feel, but some people allow theirs to grow stronger than their courage.

Be bold enough to let your destiny determine how far you get to travel in life instead of your fears and doubts.

The occasional or frequent arrivals of fearful and doubtful thoughts in your mind don't mean that you aren't stronger than your struggles, challenges and obstacles. You should never hesitate for a second to challenge and replace them with words of encouragement whenever they arise.

Fear is nothing but an enemy of progress. By all means don't permit it to win.

Positive results are always inevitable when you refuse to live a life of fears, doubts, excuses, blames and procrastinations.

Every given day that you are alive to witness on earth, brings some amazing opportunities to rise to the challenge and prove your fears and doubts wrong.

Politics has really turned a lot of decent men into heartless beings.

There is nothing more attractive than a great positive personality. Its beauty never fades away with time.

A heart can only become fragile if unconditional self-love is continuously deprived from it.

Let your heart be full of unconditional love with no room for self-hate or hate towards others. In return, you would be rewarded with a one-way ticket to a stress-free life.

Why spend a lifetime wishing for things a lot of people already possess in their lives? Your greatness lies in persistently going after your desires.

In order to live in the reality of your God's given destiny, you must consistently guard your mind against all self-defeating thoughts and beliefs.

God's opinions of you are the only unchangeable realities of your life.

If the only thing that you have to offer in a relationship or marriage is your physical appearance, then you are definitely walking on a very thin line. It takes more than physical beauty to sustain a healthy relationship or marriage.

Pain is something that we all feel sometimes; however, some of us see it as an opportunity for mental growth, while others interpret theirs as a definite end to their goals, dreams or desires.

Pain is nothing but the darkness that leads to the dawn of gain.

No matter how strong you plan to be, you can never subdue the pain that comes with the grudges you refuse to let go.

Try your best to be caring and loving in your daily encounters with people. You could end up giving hope to someone who has given up on humanity.

Dream as big as you desire, but don't forget to wake yourself from it with some consistent effective actions.

Fears and doubts are oceans that barely fail to capsize all dreams that dare to sail in them.

Effective action is the air of every dream.

Stop making some excuses on why you can't pursue your true passion in life. You could start building your passion on the side until it grows big enough to substitute your regular job, and then you could concentrate fulltime on your passion and drive it to greatness.

A dream is only impossible if you allow your thoughts and beliefs to convince you to believe so

Some of the people who would tell you that you wouldn't be able to accomplish your dream, are the same ones who would tell you that they knew that you would do big things in life. Please don't ever let anyone talk you out of your positive mental imagination.

You can't be attending to your dream only when you perfectly feel like doing so. Its pursuit has to become a big part of your daily life.

Some people would tell you that it's impossible for you to become successful in your line of passion. But don't be distracted by them because it is only you that need to believe in your dream in order for it to manifest. The vindication of your success doesn't need the whole world or anybody to cosign your passion for you.

Your goals and dreams desperately need your consistent actions right at this very moment, and the future will surely judge and reward you based on how often and well you attend to them.

We all have the potential to climb to greater heights through the infinite powers of dreams and actions.

One of the best things that you could ever do for your life, is to follow your passion, turn it into a dream, and introduce it to the light of reality.

The crown of massive success is upon us all. Hold strong to your faith and continue to give your dreams your very best.

If you are yet to cross the victory lines of your endeavors, you definitely haven't done your best. There will always more left in you to give to your goals and dreams.

Speak life into your goals. Follow up with consistent actions, and at the appointed time, you would surely start to see them transform into realities.

You are definitely not dreaming big enough if your big dream doesn't make you nervous.

Positive minded people who believe in their abilities, also believe in other people's ability to succeed in life. So what does this tell you about the people who don't believe in your goals and dreams?

If things haven't been moving favorably on your side, then, tomorrow is another day to try again with a different approach. Never dare to surrender your goals. Your destiny desperately needs you.

Some negative things in life will never change, but try not to let them change you.

It is time for you to change your negative thoughts and beliefs and stop being your worst enemy of progress.

When people pressure you to engage in negative decisions and actions, look at them boldly in the eyes and dare them to do good.

It is so sad how some people have been through so many negative experiences to the point that when they experience an act of kindness from some caring and loving people, they become a little or very suspicious about it.

No matter how cold this world gets, please don't lose touch of morality and allow it to turn your heart cold.

I love listening to wise old people talk about their past experiences. They truly have so many valuable lessons to teach about life, and I never get tired of listening and learning from them.

Always abide by your positive principles even if it would result in most of your friends abandoning you. Friendship is about quality not quantity.

One of the best gifts that you could ever give to your family and the people around you, is to be unconditionally in unity with them.

Trustworthy friends are very hard to come by, and when they do, be sure to keep them without a single hesitation.

When it comes to friendship, you should always focus on quality instead of quantity.

It makes no sense rushing to become a parent if you are not going to be a good one. No child deserves anything less than unconditional love and positive guidance. Our nation and the world as a whole desperately need some generations of well nurtured children.

If that money cannot buy your soul back, don't dare to sell it.

Devil must really hate me a lot because I consistently refuse to give him an opportunity to win over my soul.

Just for the simple fact that I am alive to witness a new day, makes life amazingly great in my own perspective. With the body, mind, and soul alive and in positive state, all things will surely remain possible, and opportunities will continue to be endless.

Your future self would surely thank your present self if you start to wisely invest your money now.

Thinking that success is only based on money is one of the main reasons why so many people live a very competitive worldly lifestyle, and this often lead them to turn their backs on so many precious things in life in the name of chasing money.

Never give your enemies a reason to celebrate your lack of courage.

In you lies the courage and perseverance to endure and conquer any battle. But the question is, are your frequent thoughts cheering for your victory or constantly focusing on your weaknesses?

This is definitely the wrong time to allow fear and doubts to hold you back. Push yourself far away from your fearful past and into a blissful and prosperous future. God is your guide, protection wisdom, courage and strength. You were born to experience greatness.

It's time for you to step up with courage and fight tirelessly to take back all that your fears and doubts have stolen from you.

You weren't born to live a life of failure. God brought you into this world to fight with faith and courage until each and every one of your battles is won. So by all means, always keep your mind strong, head up, and keep on fighting.

No matter who you are or where you are in life at the moment, always be courageous enough to follow the positive demands of your inner voices.

Find the courage to leave all your worries, fears, and doubts behind you. They are nothing but your enemies of progress.

It is your sole responsibility to protect your peace of mind at all times. Don't allow miserable people to steal your joy. Many of them hate to see others happy and doing well. A lot of them will hate you just for the fact that you refuse to be placed in the shackles of misery with them.

We all have something amazingly special in us, and you solely owe it to yourself to discover yours.

When your journey to success gets extremely tough, use your past accomplishments as your motivation to keep pushing forward. You did it in the past, and you can also do it again in the present, and in the future.

If you think that your life is amazing, wait till you see what God has lined up for you in the future. But remember, you have to keep pushing forward with bigger goals and ideas.

Never permit your negative past to come in-between you and the possibilities and opportunities that lie in your present and future.

Why worry about the future when God is already busy preparing it for you?

You are only as strong as the thoughts that constantly dwell in your mind.

To live with a mind full of grudges and jealousy, is to bargain to be constantly punished by negative feelings and emotions.

The toughness of any journey means absolutely nothing to a mind that travels with the spirit of perseverance.

A complicated life can only be the outcome of a mind that's polluted with negative beliefs.

A life of abundance knows nothing about a mind that allows its obstacles to distract it from life's endless possibilities.

In the journey of life, you can only be as fruitful or fruitless as the thoughts that constantly dwell in your mind.

When there is no presence of self-love, the hunger for attention tends to take over one's mind

It's time for you to start creating some extraordinary things in your life, because there is absolutely nothing ordinary about your mind.

It is either you control your thoughts or be controlled by them.

Your mind can only be as strong as the words that you repeatedly feed to it.

Try not to turn your mind into your worst enemy of progress.

As long as you keep your mind occupied with positive self-talk, you can never lack happiness as you march forward with God on the lead.

Stress has absolutely no place in my mind. My frequent positive interpretations of my experiences keep it away from my life.

Negative thoughts and beliefs absolutely don't belong in that amazing beautiful mind of yours.

No matter how high you climb, there will always be a room for you to turn your creativity and productivity up some notches.

Repeated positive interpretations of one's negative experiences are the greatest medicines for stress and depression.

Before the state of stress or depression comes some frequent negative interpretations of one's experiences.

Ignoring to change your thoughts and beliefs wouldn't fail to cause your negative mood to remain unchanged.

Don't let your pride get in your way of surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you. Life is a continuous journey of learning and growing.

Never give up on learning unless you are tired of growing and willing to settle for less.

Nothing can ever hinder you from receiving the destiny that God has for you, if you never stop thinking positive, learning, planning strategically, and taking consistent actions.

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