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Eleesha, is a renowned Automatic-Writer, Soul Channeler & Spiritual Author of a new book, "The Soul Whisperer: A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights". Eleesha, first discovered her enigmatic channeling automatic writing gift as a child. It was through tragedy, that she recently re-discovered her gift to bring forth a profound rendition of her auto-written Soul affirmations; inspiration, quotes and sayings.

Eleesha Quotes

Action is the means through which the intangible becomes tangible.

We cannot face up to what lies ahead, without facing up to what lies within.

Life's adversity strengthens us to embrace - life’s true purpose and destiny.

Life is unfolding by each step you take - but, it is fulfilled by every choice you make.

May you can continue unhindered, by inviting immense clarity, prosperity and purpose - into your life.

Honor your joy today, whilst it replenishes and strengthens you - in the company of your Soul.

Summon your inner courage to ensure you strive unhindered - toward your chosen goals.

In the midst of embracing life secrets, you will remain purposely guided - throughout your life.

The Soul's knowledge, which pertains only to you - should be acted upon today and put to good use.

The Soul's secrets from within - help unlock the secrets of all that exists, without.

May this Soulful understanding of Christmas invite - the peace, harmony and serenity you deserve.

By Soulfully understanding all you are - there is no need to fret about what to do next, or when.

Look toward the Soul's guidance, which is not just ready to be shared - but, awaits you acceptance.

Trust all you wish to achieve, in the aftermath of Christmas will harmoniously begin to unfold.

Allow Soul's unique knowledge to filter freely from your Soul - through to your Mind.

The Soul does not just share the answers you seek - but, how all you want can be achieved.

Uncover your life’s purpose, not just armed with your faith - but, in the company of your Soul.

Through your Soul’s partnership the answers to all of life’s questions - mysteriously come tumbling forth.

The Soul's knowledge is lovingly gifted, just as you are presented with gifts - from those you love.

In the company of the Soul's inner guidance, let us celebrate all we are destined to know.

Allow Christmas day to blossom in the bosom of your own inner joy & happiness.

Through joy, the Soul confirms your ability to remain victorious - even in the midst of defeat.

May you be spurred into action, not just by what you read - but all your Soul is willing to share.

As we fulfill our life's journey & path - let us remain trusting of the inner guidance of our Soul.

Your Soul helps you fulfill all you wish to achieve & shares - all you are destined to know.

Your joy ensures your life experiences, always serve to support you - along life’s chosen path.

Christmas, just like life itself - will become all that you choose or want it, to be.

Through joy, the Soul finds its greatest - physical expression.

Let the Soulful will of all that exists within - gift you the knowledge to fulfill all that is, without.

Soulfully encouraged on Christmas day, to journey freely - toward your chosen goals.

This Christmas may you courageously venture - toward each new and unfolding horizon.

May the pathways that are Soulfully gifted to you, never be ignored - but, always embraced.

Your inner joy will journey alongside you - supported within the company of your Soul.

As we celebrate the evolution of the life of one so special, we embrace the meaning of life, itself.

Today, may you be filled with an immense sense of inner peace, unity, joy & happiness.

Let what is Soulfully shared this Christmas, remind you of all you have the power to achieve.

As Christmas draws near, let the words resonate - not just within your heart & mind, but Soul.

Embrace the true essence of Christmas - by embracing the gift and essence of life, itself.

Use this day to honor the memory of Christmas - whilst it remains celebrated in your life.

What is important is what can be explored throughout Christmas, in the company of your Soul.

Let each Soulful insight, encourage you to - joyfully partake of Christmas in your own way.

Let the essence of Christmas blossom within - as the countdown to Christmas begins.

Amidst such Soulful exploration each passage - is given new meaning, wisdom & insight.

Support the free spirited nature of your Soul & the Soulful energy that exists within - all living Souls.

Honor the freedom to celebrate Christmas, not alone - but, in the company of all those you love, too.

Christmas, so joyfully celebrated within our hearts and within the hearts of countless others.

Amidst such Soulful freedom, Christmas is never hindered - but, freely embraced.

The yearly tradition of Christmas is bountifully supported - without the need to ever fade.

Christmas is supported through celebration, joyfully passed on - from generation to generation.

Celebrate Christmas in your own way, among those you love and even if - you are alone.

Graciously honor the freedom at which Christmas so peacefully - came into being.

As you embrace Christmas, you embrace the magnitude of your life’s journey & purpose.

Let the life of one so dear be celebrated and embraced - with each passing day.

Celebrate the life you have been gifted thus far, supporting the arrival of Christmas day.

Never allow yourself to become despondent or weary, as you venture along life’s chosen path.

To entertain your worries and woes, is to invite the inevitability of defeat - into your life.

As Christmas approaches remember all that you have experienced - has not been in vain.

All we endured throughout the year was - but an integral part of our life’s learning & evolution.

Whether you are with those you love or alone, you are contributing to Christmas, in your own way.

It is only upon life’s new journey & pathway that your greatest learning - will be experienced.

Ignite the boldest of your dreams!

Be encouraged to Soulfully affirm all that is duty bound to unfold in your life.

Let your children uplift your burdens and allow your role as a mother - to flourish and grow.

Even in the midst of life’s adversity, struggle or strife; Love’s enduring presence remains steadfast.

May you uncover the wisdom that summons the answers – to all that you seek.

Your empowerment remains Soulfully supported from within.

Help me to understand, what my grief has prevented me from seeing - within.

Let me share my loving care upon those who are not my children - yet, willing to see me as their Father.

Motherhood furnishes us with, not just giving life - but, partaking of life’s learning.

A new voyage of discovery - leading you, toward your very own brand of hidden treasure.

May the mysteries that confound you, be unraveled.

Your inner understanding of Love - can be extended beyond all you have ever known, before.

Strive toward what you know you must achieve, in confident & courageous manner.

It is within your loving and welcoming arms that a new generation will arrive & be greeted.

Life’s Answers, will always come to You in unexpected ways; different shapes & guises.

May all you affirm and believe be given the opportunity to manifest - day by day.

Fathom the destiny that, does not just lay before you - but, awaits you.

May my children follow their own intuition to discover true empowerment - in the answers they seek.

Let the pain & suffering of all that appears to be lost, be soothed, healed & comforted.

Fearlessly use the power of your will & determination to go forth in life, strengthened.

May you become empowered from within – to make your way boldly, along life's unique journey.

Motherhood unwittingly molds us into all we are now, or are - destined to be.

Allow love, to illuminate the unknown pathways that are destined - to be traveled.

Affirm your life's destiny & purpose to ensure - both are graciously fulfilled.

May you find the strength and resolve today, to allow a deeper sense of healing to begin.

When you walk in the company of your courage, nothing & no one - can stand in your way.

In expression of Fatherhood I evolve to become - all I was destined, to be.

Embrace all you do not just want - but, all you truly deserve.

May you enter into a new phase in your life. One that affirms your life's purpose.

Nurture the Power & Wisdom of your Own Inner Strengths, with Good Intent.

The Mind may relish the companionship of bloated self-pride - but the Soul, will not.

May you find solace & be comforted by love’s inner warmth, and glow.

Allow yourself to be freed from the constraints of what the mind knows, believes & thinks.

Let the voices of all mothers be heard, as we come to honor the gift of Motherhood.

On this day of love, embrace the freedom, to not just give love - but to receive it, too.

May the pathways that have taken you along the road to loss, guide you along the road to healing.

Let strength and wisdom carry you forward beyond the limited horizons - you may have once envisioned.

Let us acknowledge the magnitude of Motherhood, by simply honoring all mothers - past & present.

Summon the strength of your capabilities - not just housed in the mind - but, empowered within the Soul.

Soulfully partake of life, not how you envisage – but, in a manner that was ordained.

As a Father, I willingly nurture & protect the Soul's of all those - I love.

Let strength & wisdom carry you forward beyond the limited horizons - you may have once envisioned.

Your loss, serves as a stark reminder that, although I feel so alone - I am not alone.

When I am encouraged, I never see obstacles in my way, only exciting challenges.

Let your doubts & fears melt away, as you fulfill your life's destiny & goals.

You are no longer constrained by the mind’s limitations-but, freed by the Soul’s inner guidance.

Do not just envisage your own hopes, dreams - but, have the courage to strive toward them.

Become Empowered, not just in Mind and Body - but in Spirit, too.

Journey freely along your chosen path, in a manner of your own choosing.

These words are not just destined to be shared with the mind - but, the Soul.

Never fear Love's absence in your life, because it already exists within you, in great abundance.

Embrace the notion of venturing beyond your own limits.

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