Evelyn Leilou Colon Quotes

Evelyn Leilou Colon Quotes

Freedom lies in being naked and the courage to be 'yourself' in front of the audience.

Surviving a stupor of madness,
drunk silence 'have we not fingered the foulest wounds and left them unhealed ?

I must kill some memories,
the heavy ones first and after
make righteous of my un-even soul.

I have witness the stars brighter
than a poet can create a simpleton world. Shall we write 'until death do us part.

The adversary humbly cloaked in its fine smile 'eyes devoid of kindness, speaking gentle its knife secretly hidden.

You can save many lives but the most courageous act is to save your authentic-self.

Find your authentic-self 'Imagination will take you there.

I refuse to discover who I am, Wtf!
I am' having to much fun being free from knowing. Shall we write poetry?

Your love is most generous.
You can love, perhaps for a year
a month, a day, even for an hour
but after your soul suffers from boredom requiring an audience
a grand standing ovation for all to witness how your mechanical heart works.

Take'th my temple and cut it into little stars, placed carefully to the face of heaven and the world will shine.

Mishaps in life echoes for eternity. Weeks from now, I will be harvesting my glory. Imagine greater!

A women's heart beat is very rapid; it jumps from love to hate, in seconds when in silence there is surely madness.

True 'we travel the world over and over to find the authentic-self, we forget that we carry it within. Simply Pause.

Here is the world. Don't be afraid for wonderful and terrible things will happen. Simply remember to breath.

Give me my heart; I am killing my existence without it.

I like games, board games, mind games and games of life. Just don't play games with my heart because you won't like the way I brake the rules.

What went wrong? Life: it goes on.

Bitch 'please get over it.

It's not true I walk around naked most of the time. I always keeps red lipstick and stilettos on.

Foolishly; 'I am capable to kill love once again' for it is my longing that is unusual as the Black Widow.

Occasional soreness upon my heart. I am sure it is the past that clings
like a needy child.

Love 'I may have stepped into a few puddles but not long enough to drown in them.

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