Fakeer Ishavardas Quotes

Fakeer Ishavardas Quotes

All must read their so-called 'holy' book - word by word - to determine, by self, its unholy bit.

All's a Oneness. There's nothing else.

You're not a piece of nothing, but the all of everything.

If you're born a man, be a man. If a woman, be proud of being one. For, you're not the body, mind, this or that. "Ye are gods!" - human.

The Ultimate Truth is too sophisticated a concept for you idiots worshiping this-that asinine sky-god.

If your holy book makes you hate, you're reading the wrong shit, mate.

You're not free, until you get rid of I-myself-me; and let enter 'That', which, the sages call "Thee".

Cultural indoctrination makes stupid people believe there's nothing wrong in Meat Eating. There is. Who eat it, lose "It".

Most humans are but beasts and bitches, till the One in All - this unconscious seeking, and conscious finding of it - 'em itches.

You're neither a man or a woman, but the Whole of the One, human.

There's plenty of food, other than non-vegetarian, here, on this earth. So, don't hurt, kill and eat animals to increase your girth

In all humility
let it be said -
there's no god
in End Reality
but Oneness
unto all is All -
Whole's Unity.

The mystic, identifying neither with his-her race-religion-gender nor with any mind-made blunder, lives and dies in One's splendor.

No one dies pre-maturely. As is meant, happens naturally.

An educated man believing in a this-that vile sky-god rewarding him-her, but punishing your enemies with hell and fire, is uneducated.

Scientism and godism are superstitions, one blindly believes in what's visible, the other blindly believes in what's invisible.

When you die, you don't.

Angels, fairies, gods, hell-heaven, "mediating" messiahs, demons, spirits etc. - are but your cultural-isms. Free be of these prisons.

If a messiah exhorts you to kill people of another belief system, get this idiot non-prophet out of your stupid system.

Do your best, then put your feet on the table, and to God leave the rest.

In short, you are the Whole.

Life is an unfinished art, few master it, most just bark.

Success makes tyrants of most of the humankind; making us forget basic courtesy, and being kind.

That you exist, is offense enough to arrest you.

Humour sustains us during failure; more so after success, when we're prone to fail that much more, daring abyss, pumped up with success.

You're alright, I guess; for, you're just being you, like any other cuckoo.

We're shadows! of naught;
living, dying! for what's not.

The Ultimate Truth is, ultimately, a minority affair.

By the time the Truth comes, you'd have been a sure-shot rascal, a long-gone bastard, a life-long sinner, but an ever-humble winner.

Forms come and go. You, the quantum non-entity behind your human identity, comes nor goes.

We're shadows! of naught - living, dying! for what's not.

Don't worry, eventually everything falls into its rightful place.

Do your thing, without harming anything.

All's, quintessentially, you.

Living well is dying well.

Be kind, for the other is not another, but your mirrored kine.

Be who you are. If a man, be one. If woman, be so. The gender-change, behaviour or role, is a mind-made turd. As illusory as this world.

One thing is certain in life - it's all uncertain.

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