Farahad Zama Quotes

Farahad Zama Quotes

People keep looking for the perfect one, but perfection is an attribute of God alone.

That's the mistake people make - always searching for the perfect match, when they would be just as happy if they settled for somebody reasonably good.

Not all marriages are made in heaven. Some, probably most, are constructed here on earth for any number of reason.

Marriages are made in heaven. When Allah made a creature, He also made the creature's mate

Ironically, girls who don't think so much about their family and are a little bit self-centred are not only happier themselves but also maintain good relationships with their families.

Abba, you may not like it, but what I'm doing is important. If you don't agree, then I'm sorry. I can't do anything about it.

Some people are like that - always searching fro something better, never satisfied.,Makes you wonder if they ever get a good night's sleep. They must toss and turn, dreaming about a softer mattress or a plumper pillow.

Oh, Vasu. People always talk; you have to learn to ignore them.

There is no point in getting rich if we lose our soul along the way.

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