Matrimony Quotes

Martha Gellhorn

I know enough to know that no woman should ever marry a man who hated his
I know enough to know that no woman should ever marry a man who hated his mother.

Jane Austen

Oh, Lizzy! do anything rather than marry without affection.. Jane Austen
Oh, Lizzy! do anything rather than marry without affection.

P.G. Wodehouse

Marriage is not a process for prolonging the life of love, sir. It merely mummifies its
Marriage is not a process for prolonging the life of love, sir. It merely mummifies its corpse.

Elizabeth Peters

I disapprove of matrimony as a matter of principle.... Why should any independent, intelligent female choose to subject herself to the whims and tyrannies of a husband? I assure you, I have yet to meet a man as sensible as myself! (Amelia Peabody)

Clint Eastwood

They say all marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.

William Shakespeare

Yes, faith; it is my cousin's duty to make curtsy and say 'Father, as it please you.' But yet for all that, cousin, let him be a handsome fellow, or else make another curtsy and say 'Father, as it please me.

William Shakespeare

If [God] send me no husband, for the which blessing I am at him upon my knees every morning and evening ...

Charlotte Brontë

[O]ur honeymoon will shine our life long: its beams will only fade over your grave or mine.

Anne Sexton

Some women marry houses.

Amit Kalantri

Marriage is not 'I', its 'We'.

Michel De Montaigne

[Marriage] happens as with cages: the birds without despair to get in, and those within despair of getting out.

Dorothy L. Sayers

A marriage of two independent and equally irritable intelligences seems to me reckless to the point of insanity.

Thomas Hardy

-the ethereal, fine-nerved, sensitive girl, quite unfitted by temperament and instinct to fulfil the conditions of the matrimonial relation with Phillotson, possibly with scarce any man...

Thomas Hardy

People go on marrying because they can't resist natural forces, although many of them may know perfectly well that they are possibly buying a month's pleasure with a life's discomfort.

Robert Louis Stevenson

For marriage is like life in this - that it is a field of battle, and not a bed of roses.

Antonia Fraser

[In 16th century European society] Marriage was the triumphal arch through which women, almost without exception, had to pass in order to reach the public eye. And after marriage followed, in theory, the total self-abnegation of the woman.

Greta Garbo

There are some who want to get married and others who don't. I have never had an impulse to go to the altar. I am a difficult person to lead.

Elizabeth I Tudor

If I follow the inclination of my nature, it is this: beggar-woman and single, far rather than queen and married.

Simone De Beauvoir

To catch a husband is an art; to hold him is a job.

Dorothy L. Sayers

The rule seemed to be that a great woman must either die unwed ... or find a still greater man to marry her. ... The great man, on the other hand, could marry where he liked, not being restricted to great women; indeed, it was often found sweet and commendable in him to choose a woman of no sort of greatness at all.

Charles Dickens

There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.

Christine De Pizan

How many women are there ... who because of their husbands' harshness spend their weary lives in the bond of marriage in greater suffering than if they were slaves among the Saracens?

Charlotte Brontë

There are certain phrases potent to make my blood boil - improper influence! What old woman's cackle is that?"

"Are you a young lady?"

"I am a thousand times better: I am an honest woman, and as such I will be treated.

Elizabeth I Tudor

[I]n the end this shall be for me sufficient, that a marble stone shall declare that a Queen, having reigned such a time, lived and died a virgin.

Charlotte Brontë

I am anchored on a resolve you cannot shake. My heart, my conscience shall dispose of my hand - they only. Know this at last.

Charlotte Brontë

As far as my experience of matrimony goes - I think it tends to draw you out of, and away from yourself.

Sue Townsend

Adrian Mole's father was so angry that so many pepole got divorced nowadays. HE had been unhappilly married for 30 years, why should everybody else get away?

Samuel Butler

In matrimony, to hesitate is sometimes to be saved.

Charlotte Brontë

What tale do you like best to hear?' 'Oh, I have not much choice! They generally run on the same theme - courtship; and promise to end in the same catastrophe - marriage.

Farahad Zama

That's the mistake people make - always searching for the perfect match, when they would be just as happy if they settled for somebody reasonably good.

William Shakespeare

A young man married is a man that's marred.

Henry Ward Beecher

Well married, a man is winged - ill-matched, he is shackled.

Colley Cibber

Oh! How many torments lie in the small circle of a wedding-ring!

Wallace Stegner

[I]t is dangerous for a bride to be apologetic about her husband.

Michael Bassey Johnson

A man who lives with his wife is safer and more venerable than a man who lives with a tramp.

Nat C. Goodwin

My first [wife] was an angel; My second a silly woman; My third a Roman Senator; My fourth a pretty little thing; My fifth - all woman!

Ambrose Bierce

Bride, n. - A woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her.

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